Korean Newspaper Reports iPhone 5 Large Screen and early fall launch

By DiMarkco Chandler:

Let us preface this report by first saying that like most rumors we cannot prove that any of these findings are true, however, it is certain that our sources have published enough probable information to warrant the sharing of these findings to our broad audience. One thing seems for certain, Apple will launch the new iPhone 5, sometime around the Labor Day holiday weekend.

Apple  users therefore might as well be hopeful, because if you guys and girls are tired of that tiny screen on your iPhone, here is some great news for you:  Apple has not only placed orders for screens for its next  iPhone, iPhone 5, the phones are believed to now be in production; and this time it’s going big, according to a South Korean newspaper report picked up by Reuters.

The new displays will be 4.6-inch “retina” displays, and the updated phone will launch sometime in the third quarter this year, the paper suggested. While Apple started the trend of smartphones with large touchscreens, its 3.5-inch screen has started to look diminutive next to offerings like Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus’ 4.65 inches.

The screen on the iPhone 4 is a 3.5 inch screen which was great when it first came out but the new iPhone should have a wider and bigger screen, so that it has a larger aspect ratio. This should be better for movies and videos.

MacRumors are dubious about the report, noting that numerous previous whispers put the new screen at 4 inches, and that many companies making iPhone cases seem to be betting on that. One source with a good track record said the new  iPhone would have a longer, 4-inch display and an aluminum casing, but was “still in the engineering phase, not early production.” Apple Insider is also dubious of the second quarter launch date; previous reports have always put it in September or October; and it looks like they’ll be on time for the opening of the fall semester.

There are some other rumors swirling around the new iPhone 5 about a new connector. Right now, the iPhone 4 has a 30 pin connector; apple has used it for years. Now it looks like apple will replace it with a 19 pin connector which happens to be a little narrower. You will have to buy a new charger connector for your car etc. In fact, any kind of product you use your iPhone with, you’re going to have to purchase a new connector if you intend on using various gadgets in conjunction.

The new iPhone 5 should have 4G around the world and NFC which allows you to purchase things on the phone, and perhaps, its been reported that the iPhone 5 will have a faster chip.

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  1. Ryan   August 1, 2012 at 6:24 am

    This is what you call journalism? Your article should have been called “Maybe This And Maybe That And Oh Yeah We’re Simply Repeating Rumours And Guessing Like Everyone Else Now.”

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