Most American Politicians Don’t Start Out Bad

One More Shot of Faith

By Bridgette Bryant:

Doing your part to make sure that, this time, things are different in our governing bodies.

Sometimes I feel like we’ve all been so deeply deceived for such a long period of time that we cannot even consider the possibility that maybe, this time, things will be different.

Why should we? The last time we did, it ended in pain, disappointment, or some other negative feeling that has left us unable to trust anyone in government; no matter who it is.

Well, you’re right. The majority of politicians often say one thing and do another. Many look out for their own interests. Most rarely tell the full story. I’m sorry. I wish it wasn’t true but, together we have to power to change this.

How? We have an excellent opportunity because one shining truth remains: of those politicians who have turned “bad,” the vast majority of them did not start that way. You may be surprised to learn that many of them started as bright-eyed, bushy tailed, go-getters who got into this thing to change the world! They believed in themselves, they believed in our system, and they believed they could build a better tomorrow for you and your family.

No one can fully understand what our governing leaders go through until put in that position. Your life is on display, every word you say is documented or recorded, and one mistake could cost you everything.

Can you imagine how much pressure that must be?

Sure they volunteered for this, but somebody had to, right? Somebody had to be strong enough to take a beating and keep on ticking. If not them, who? You? Well, why not? You know enough about what’s going on to be just as good at it. But if it was, in fact you, would every word be perfect? Could you handle it when people showed you how much they hate you even though they don’t know you? How would you cope as people began to critique your every move and watch your family life? What would you do when asked how you will solve the problems of our land? Could you deliver on your promises? 100% of the time?

Getting a bit complicated, isn’t it?

Welcome to the life of a politician.

Think of how it must feel to be a good politician in a system many call corrupt. “Bad” politicians to the left, angry constituents to the right, and media circling like buzzards waiting for you to make a mistake (which will be INCREDIBLY easy to do considering how much sleep you’ll have had. Ever seen an age progression video of a president in his first term? They age, like, 15 years).

Perhaps it is this stressful lifestyle that has transformed the “bad” politicians into the hardened officials they are. Maybe they gave up trying to help people who do not believe in them and decided to use their office for their own benefit instead. After all, most people already hate them. Isn’t it best to be hated for something you’ve actually done than to just be hated for your occupation or the letter on your voter registration card?

I’m saying all of this because I would love for you to consider one thing, nay, two. Except in the case of a family legacy, it is very rare that a politician runs for office if they do not want to be there. It is even more rare that they put their name on that ballot with the express intent to lie, cheat, and deceive. This means that, at least in the beginning, the majority of new governing representatives are there for one reason: because they think they can help make the world a better place. They sacrifice their money, their families, their time, their youth; just to try to make life better for each and every one of us. Yet we shun them because they do not have a perfect record even though we know no one does. That is wrong.

Unless they have flat out lied or committed a criminal act, we should be willing to forgive and support our leaders in a way that encourages them to be better instead of putting them in a position where they might as well be bad.

We have not and will not be electing Supermen and Wonder Women. We will be electing people. Real people who make mistakes just like us.

I encourage you to take a chance with me. Let’s consider that, maybe, just maybe, this time, really can be different. Maybe, if we go into it with that attitude and get to know each person we are voting for, we will be able to have a little more faith in our system. One good person at a time will make all the difference in the world. So meet the people you are choosing amongst. Those on the state level are accessible and, according to our Constitution, they are supposed to be the ones in charge. So meet the people running for your Senate and Assembly seats. Meet your Judges. Meet your School Board elects. If these people are not willing to listen to you now, they probably will not when they are in either. But if they DO talk or meet with you, you will know INSTANTLY whether or not this is a good choice. You’ll just know. Then you can make a decision you feel confident about. If we each do this, we can start electing good person after good person and start the process of getting rid of the bad apples. Our country will not change until we do so.

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