Robert Pattinson’s flawless public appearances conceal family pressures

It’s finally over; Robert Pattinson’s appearance on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” ended many of the rumors that have been littering up the internet over the last couple of weeks. Rumor’s that were so over the top, I dare not mention any of them by title. What we saw tonight was a gentleman, respectful of both his privacy and that of his former girlfriend, Kristen Stewart.

Pattinson laughed and joked his way through the “Daily Show” interview, admitting that if he hadn’t been so cheap, he would have better handled the scandal had he hired a publicist.

The 26-year-old British hunk was left heartbroken last month when his Twilight co-star and girlfriend Stewart publicly confessed to an “indiscretion” with married director Rupert Sanders.

The revelation appears to have ended the young couple’s three-year romance, but Pattinson refused to let the personal heartache interfere with his promotional duties for his new film “Cosmopolis,” thus he sat down for his first TV appearance, Monday, August 13, 2012 on  “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.”

The host Jon Stewart presented the actor with a carton of Ben & Jerry’s and the calming reassurance that “we’re just a couple of gals talking.”

Pattinson, sporting stubble and a sharply tailored blue suit, laughed and seemed in good spirits despite the media attention that has followed him and his “Twilight” co-star since the incident came to light last month. However, the actor did decline the treat, joking, “I’m going to split my Spanx. I’m double-Spanxed.”

Comedian Stewart then proceeded to share a few observations about fans’ reactions to the star’s personal turmoil and express his hopes for Pattinson.

He said, “The last time I had a bad break up, Ben & Jerry got me through some of the tougher times so I thought you and I could bond over this (ice cream) and talk.

While the playful back-and-forth between Pattinson and Stewart centered largely around his recent heartbreak, talk did eventually turn to Pattinson’s upcoming movie “Cosmopolis,” which he was there to support.

“Trying to explain what the movie is about is physically impossible,” Pattinson said of the film based on Don DeLillo’s novel and directed by David Cronenberg. “It’s a very kind of eccentric — it’s one of the only things I’ll ever do where I can say I don’t think this will ever be made again, or it hasn’t been made before. Regardless of how people see it, at least it’s something new.”

Pattinson ended his segment with a challenge for the “Twilight” fans watching.

“If any ‘Twilight’ fans have tuned in, I genuinely want to make ‘Cosmopolis’ have a higher opening weekend than ‘The Dark Knight [Rises],’ ” he said. “But the problem is, it’s only opening in six cinemas. It’s going to be a challenge. … Just buy, like, eight tickets.”

Pattinson’s other appearance of the day was on the red carpet in New York City for the premiere of “Cosmopolis.” While there he posed for photos and then moved inside for the screening. Hundreds of fans came out to show their support, some even lined up overnight to get a glimpse of the star.

“Cosmopolis” director, David Croneberg and Rob’s leading lady from the movie, Sarah Gadon, were also both there amid the fan frenzy.

The film made it’s worldwide debut at the Cannes Film Festival in May, but now Rob’s sharing his David Cronenberg-directed project with a North American audience. Kristen Stewart was on hand for the French premiere, though that was before the photos of Kristen cheating with Rupert Sanders emerged. Since then, Pattinson reportedly moved out of their shred Los Feliz, CA, home and retreated to Reese Witherspoon’s Ojai estate to avoid the spotlight. Today marks the first of many upcoming promotional appearances. In addition to the premiere, he is scheduled to ring the bell at the NY stock Exchange on Tuesday followed by a GMA stop on Wednesday and an MTV appearance on Thursday.

All in all, fans everywhere should be quite proud of how Pattinson is carrying himself now that he has surfaced. Not only is he behaving like the gentlemen we all believed him to be, he was respectful of both his and Stewart’s privacy.

Most Pattinson fans know that he has a long history of not discussing intimate details of his personal life and that didn’t change for his “Daily Show” interview.

For those of you that are hoping for a Pattinson/Stewart reconciliation, don’t put any money on it. The situation is quite complex. While it is clear that Stewart will do anything to resolve their shattered romance, Pattinson is perhaps under extreme pressure from his family and friends to move on to the next chapter in his life. Now Magazine, a web publication in the UK reported that, “Rob’s parents Richard and Clare and his sisters Lizzy and Victoria are trying to convince R-Pattz, 26, it’s not a great idea. ‘They’re worried she may win him over and have told him he mustn’t meet her.”

The website further reported that “’Lizzy’s even offered to accompany him to the ‘Breaking Dawn: Part 2′ premiere in November, so that Kristen can’t talk him round.’”

That’s a lot of pressure when your family is touched by scandal that you had nothing to do with causing. So you see, it’s very difficult for Pattinson, as he perhaps fears not only what his family might think of him if he were to resume his relationship with Stewart, but how will it affect their relationships with their friends and acquaintances.

Much more to this Hollywood controversy comes to light as we peel back the layers.

Contributor: D. Chandler

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  1. Poppy   August 14, 2012 at 3:44 pm

    Poor rob…..his family obviously is not thinking for him now….despite of their best interest ….


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