Neil Armstrong: The American Hero Passes Away

August 25th, 2012–The first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong has passed at 82.

In a recent statement, Neil Armstrong’s family said that Neil has passed away due to complications resulting from cardiovascular procedures.

Neil Armstrong was born in small town Wapakoneta, Ohio in 1930. As a young boy Neil was fascinated with airplanes. At age six he took his first flight and from there his love for planes flourished.

As the Korean war broke out in 1950, Neil found himself leaving Purdue University. Neil Armstrong flew 78 combat missions as a naval aviator in the Korean War.

When the war ended Neil became a test pilot flying some of the best aircraft of that time.

In 1966,¬† Neil Armstrong was one of the first civilian astronauts to make an initial flight aboard Gemini Eight, a mission that almost ended in disastor when a thruster on the aircraft stuck open. Though, with Neil’s quick thinking he was able to make an emergency landing in the Pacific.

After the Gemini eight flight, preparation for the famous moon landing begin. The event¬† nearly took Neil’s life after a training vehicle rolled to its side, forcing Neil to eject just two hundred feet from the ground.

Finally on July 16, 1969, the moment that Neil Armstrong had been waiting and training for came. The mission of Apollo 11 had finally arrived. The Saturn V rocket launched from Kennedy Space Center carrying the then 38-year old Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Mike Collins.

Landing on the moon was the highlight of the mission for Neil Armstrong, as he once said. Neil and his crewmates spent almost a day on the moon before packing up and heading back to earth.

After his return to earth Neil Armstrong remained humbled and a private person in spite of all the publicity surrounding him. Neil would go on to leave NASA and to teach engineering at the University of Cincinnati before serving on several boards of aerospace firms.

Over the years it was rare to catch Neil doing public appearances. Though, for the 30th anniversary of Apollo 11 he joined former fellow crewmate Aldrin to celebrate their famous moon landing.

“In my own view, the important achievement of Apollo was a demostration that humanity is not forever chained to this planet and our visions go rather further than that and our opportunities are unlimited.” -Neil Armstrong

2 Responses to "Neil Armstrong: The American Hero Passes Away"

  1. Mike LVNV   August 25, 2012 at 8:59 pm

    Did he confess to the moon landing hoax?

    • GM   August 25, 2012 at 9:13 pm

      You know Mike, for a long time I too used to think there was some validity to the whole moon landing hoax. But upon further review years later, I realized that there was no way they could have faked it simply because of the technology at the time. The images and reality of it all was far greater than could have been produced in those days. And I would like to believe that we actually did it. If the hoax theory were true, don’t you think the Soviet Union would have exposed it long before now? Enjoy!


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