News of Justin Bieber’s X Factor Appearance Lost When Asked What Body Parts He Prefered

You know Justin Bieber’s fortunes have changed for the better when reporters have to recount an exchange the pop singer had with a fan. Now the Beliebers aren’t a shy group and have been known to frequently embarrass the 18-year-old pop star — even nicknaming his pe**** “Jerry,” back in April. During a radio interview, Bieber noted his “fans are a little inappropriate,” but admitted he kind of liked it. “It’s funny; my fans are kind of inappropriate,” he said.

He might think they’re funny, but he was definitely caught off guard when a fan named Marlene McHammel wanted to know the answer to a fairly personal question.

“Do you like a** or t*** better?” whispered McHammel into his ear, as Bieber did an actual double-take and replied, “What?” She was asking which body parts the singer preferred.

The young woman who asked the question was worried that she’d offended the pop star and approached him again at a later date to make sure he wasn’t upset, and because she had received death threats from other fans.

“I’m not upset about that question, I swear,” Bieber said while posing for a photo, and told his fans to stop sending the inquisitive fan death threats. McHammel uploaded the video as a message to other Beliebers to tell them to essentially back off.

Once she knew she hadn’t upset the Canadian singer, she asked her ever so important question again — to which the Biebs replied:

“I like both.”

You have to give the pop star credit for being fast on his feet, by saying “both,” probably caught the questioner by surprise. That’s how you answer a smart-alec, way to go Justin.

Nevertheless, there was some recent Bieber news worth reporting. Fans of “The X-Factor” are in for a treat this season as the 18-year-old heart-throb was spotted filming scenes for the upcoming show in Los Angeles, CA on Monday.

The pop star joined judge LA Reid and his new team on the rooftop of the talent competition’s studio to prepare for the exciting episode.

I know I will, what about you?

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