Prince Harry’s Hairy Crown Jewels On Display In Las Vegas? [+ Pics]

Buckingham Palace is reeling from the exposure of Prince Harry’s hairy jewels as TMZ has recently published images of what is believed to be the prince bear-hugging a woman next to a pool table.

Prince Harry in particular has worked hard to distance himself from the “playboy” image of his early twenties, carefully reconstructing his public role with a series of high-profile royal duties.

In March, he completed his first royal solo tour overseas for the Diamond jubilee visiting Belize, the Bahamas, Jamaica and Brazil.

In May he travelled to Washington DC to accept a humanitarian award from Colin Powell, the former secretary of state, for his work honouring wounded servicemen and women.

The Prince, a Captain in the Army Air Corps, is an Apache helicopter pilot and has made clear he wishes to serve in Afghanistan. He is a patron of ten charities

According to celebrity website TMZ, the two pictures were taken in Prince Harry’s VIP room at the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas last weekend, a world-class five-star hotel and casino on the main Vegas strip.

The prince went to Las Vegas for some ‘rest, relaxation and recreation’ after the Olympics but he appears to be fully focused on the latter after pictures of him playing late night ‘strip billiards’ with a pretty young woman emerged online this morning.

Harry, who is third in line to the throne, is standing completely naked in his ‘high-rollers’ VIP suite with a nude girl hiding behind him.

In a string of embarrassing photos he is seen protecting his own modesty with his hands, and is wearing just a watch and a necklace.

A three-bedroom duplex suite at the hotel has its own butler service, games room with pool table and private driveway.
He was believed to have stayed in the resort after hosting a charity event for military helicopter training in San Diego, crowning a successful summer for the Royal Family following a surge in popularity after the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

The photographs are believed to have been taken after the third in line to the throne and his entourage met a group of women at a party at the MGM Grand Hotel on Friday night.

The girls were then invited back to the Prince’s duplex, according to reports, where a game of ‘strip billiards’.
The images have appeared on several websites and led to the Prince’s name ‘trending’ worldwide on Twitter.

In the same weekend, the prince attended a pool party where he beat American swimmer Ryan Lochte in a light-hearted pool contest after another holidaymaker clung onto the five-time Olympic gold medalist’s legs.

In 2005, photos of Harry was splashed across the front page of The Sun newspaper wearing a Nazi soldier’s uniform to a fancy dress party, accompanied by the headline “Harry the Nazi.”
He later apologized for the incident.

“I am very sorry if I caused any offense,” Harry said.

Four years later, Harry issued another apology after videos surfaced showing him using offensive language to describe members of his military unit.

In one clip, a voice said to be Harry’s calls a soldier a “Paki,” a derogatory term for people of South Asian descent.

In another clip, the voice tells a soldier wearing a cloth on his head that he looks “like a raghead,” another offensive term for someone who wears a headdress.

Now comes this latest controversy — one that certainly gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “hanging out.”

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