Romney Picks Paul Ryan and Chris Edwards Wants Debates

By Randy Rose:
Romney/Ryan, does that look like a winning ticket? You decide. I think Romney sees Ryan as a Conservative to balance Romney’s Progressive roots. I would prefer Ron Paul to give a more rounded balance to the ticket.
This I must admit is not big news, most people thought this would be Romney’s move. The Democrats are pleased he picked Paul Ryan because they have a lot of Fodder to work with. You will see more ads like Paul Ryan pushing Grandma off a cliff, even as Obama is gutting $500,000,000.00 from Medicare. They will also diss Ryan’s budget proposals, even though Harry Reid has not produced a budget in 4 years. It is easy to over spend when you do not have a budget in place.
Chris Edwards wants a few debates with Dina Titus but she does not want to debate. Chris told me that he was at a function where Dina Titus promptly left when she found out he was there. Dina Titus was running away from even speaking to Chris Edwards. There is a method to this madness. Dina Titus wants to silence her opposition because if you hear what Chris Edwards wants to say, then you might want to vote for Chris Edwards. Dina Titus wants to raise your taxes and wants to take away your liberties and control you. Chris Edwards wants to eliminate taxes and give you more liberty and less control over you. Chris Edwards has a plan that will allow you to get the gross pay instead of net pay on your paycheck. You will get a check every month from the Gov’t with no strings attached. Retail prices will fall 12%. The economy will go up 7% or more.
Unemployment will drop to 4%. You will no longer pay income taxes. Social Security and Disability will be fully funded and no lawmaker can spend it or borrow from it. If any of these things sound good to you then you should vote for Chris Edwards.

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