Kristen Stewart Has Suffered Enough

By DiMarkco Chandler-

Kristen Stewart was not built for what she is currently experiencing. “Twilight” didn’t transform her into an extrovert, in fact, it may have made her more self-conscious. We all make  mistakes, but excommunication; please. Fans and the acting community should be concerned that Stewart doesn’t become so depressed that she makes a mistake she won’t be able to return from. Think about it … Stewart is not a street girl. In Fact, her mother, Jules Mann-Stewart, is a script supervisor, and her father, John, is a producer and stage manager, so she comes from good stock. It is quite reasonable for her to have withdrawn in order to avoid the humiliation of public shame she would have surely been subject to. Hopefully Robert Pattinson’s head is on straight enough to know he must actively engage with Stewart, which I assume he already has.

That’s why this Monday, when Pattinson will reportedly break his silence on Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show,” you can believe he will act both responsibly and respectfully for Stewart’s sake. People of all ages will be glued to their television sets hoping to learn whether Pattinson will reconcile with Stewart. However, don’t expect him to put forth much information about the present scandal. In fact, it is quite probable that the 26-year-old “Twilight” star will give us a text book lesson on the definition of privacy, from which fans of Stewart should diligently take note of.

Two weeks ago, news broke that Stewart cheated on her boyfriend of 3 years with married director, Rupert Sanders; since then, there has been an endless stream of reports, rumors, lies and speculation from the media.

During the same period, Pattinson was reportedly “heart broken and humiliated” by news of Stewart’s infidelity.  One article suggested that his pain exponentially increased when he learned Stewart had issued a public apology highlighting him as the object of the apology. Bad move, on the part of the 22-year-old home breaker because it compounded Pattinson’s humiliation.

Stewart’s attempt to reconcile with Pattinson by using the one platform he routinely avoided exacerbated the relationship and arguably forced Pattinson to retreat underground.

When Stewart realized her very public apology had no affect in producing forgiveness and may in fact have driven Pattinson further apart from any chance of reconciliation, she consequently decided to withdraw from public scrutiny. Wisely, she determined that the only thing she could do was to not do anything except wait for Pattinson to declare his future, which accordingly, would inform her of hers.

As growing anticipation fueled baseless stories in the media, their retreat gave them both time to think and clear their heads so that rational thought could take root.

This time Stewart was determined to remain silent in order to allow Pattinson time to evaluate and consider if their relationship was worth salvaging, and it may turn out that in the end it was the smartest thing she could do.

Last Thursday, unconfirmed reports from multiple media outlets suggested that Stewart had dropped out of the lead role in “Cali.” If true, it’s an important score for Stewart as it nonverbally communicates to Pattinson that he is paramount to anything else in her life. Moreover, it indicates that she understands that couples make decisions together.  They consult each other.  They don’t make public apologies or make decisions that impact the relationship without joint consideration. Since Pattinson was not available for her to consult, she could not commit to the role.

“Stewart’s decision to back out of ‘Cali’ is certainly a big deal, especially since she was also listed as the film’s executive producer, which means it was a project she believed in,” says the Huffington Post.

Radar Online reported that Stewart was also ducking out of her promotional obligations for the movie “On The Road,” which is scheduled to premiere in London on Aug. 16. In fact, “Radar” sources claim that Stewart is too embarrassed and ashamed to show her face in public.

Though Gossip Cop disputes Radar’s story, it is reasonable that if she had commitments to attend a public event, Stewart may just as well decline the obligation, especially if her focus is on demonstrating to Pattinson her serious commitment to reconcile their relationship.

Huffington Post further reports that Pattinson was handling the scandal differently. The “Twilight” star “reportedly told Stewart to move out of their shared Los Feliz, Calif., home. Pattinson managed to stay incognito for days, staying at pal Reese Witherspoon’s home in Ojai, Calif. Though he was seen briefly at a Western-themed bar in the area this past weekend,” he managed to remain reticent.

However, over the last 24 hours, reports tell us that Pattinson is showing signs that he may be ready to do something; what that something is, we don’t know. Most of the reports seem to have originated in the U.K. and therefore are not easily verified.

A “New York Daily News” source says, “Rob was super angry for the first couple of weeks. Angry at Kristen for ruining what they had, angry at her for the public embarrassment, angry at Rupert [Sanders],” the source explained, adding that now that he’s had some time to think, he’s starting to “wind down” and is contemplating his next step regarding their relationship.

Last week it was reported that Pattinson finally stopped giving Stewart the silent treatment and began to answer her “tearful texts” and multiple phone calls. But according to In Touch magazine, Pattinson has only called Stewart after he’s had a few too many drinks.

“He’s been drunk dialing Kristen. Rob had been avoiding her calls, but now they’re talking … well, they’re barely talking. There’s a lot of dead silence on the phone because there’s not a lot to talk about,” a friend of the actor told the magazine, who claims Rob has been “drinking like crazy” to numb his pain.

The actor has allegedly been wavering on how he should proceed with Stewart.

It’s clearly an emotional time for both Pattinson and Stewart and no one knows what he will choose to do. But one thing is for sure, Pattinson’s upcoming schedule will force him into making some hard decisions soon.

As I mentioned in the beginning of this report, on Monday, Pattinson is scheduled to appear on “The Daily Show.” The interview, scheduled prior to his break with Stewart, is to promote his new movie “Cosmopolis.”

On Wednesday he’ll be on “Good Morning America.” Though he’ll be in the public eye, working again will likely be a welcome distraction from his relationship woes. Therefore, don’t read too much into these public appearances.

Nevertheless, though it is not likely for Pattinson to fuel the media’s appetite, if he cares for Stewart, Rob might show an active interest in working out their problems. Though this is pure speculation on my part, I am counting on his compassion to take Stewart out of her apparent depression. She may be in a very dark place, contemplating who knows what, and no one wants her to do something to herself we will all regret.

Surely, Pattinson is aware of her fragile condition and will act responsibly. This doesn’t mean he has to take Stewart back, however, he must inform her of his intentions so that Kristen can move on in the event he is unable to continue the partnership.

No matter what happens, Monday will inevitably mark a new chapter in the Stewart- Pattinson reality saga. Let’s be hopeful that he puts Stewart’s mind at ease sooner than later. It would be the honorable thing to do; and most of us have good reason to believe that Pattinson as quite honorable.

22 Responses to "Kristen Stewart Has Suffered Enough"

  1. Jan   August 13, 2012 at 6:02 pm

    Kristen made that apology to Rob in “panicked” mode. She did not think it through. She was running scared and I do not believe was thinking about her star status at all. She was thinking of Rob…She does love him and he her. I just hope he gives her a 2nd chance and work on the forgiveness part during their time. They are both beautiful people. Only he knows what is in his heart. I just hope he listens to other people suggestions but does NOT let it interfer with how he feels. Rob has to live with this decision the rest of his life. People do make mistakes and who know what mistake he will make down the line…NO ONE is perfect. My prayers are with both…

  2. crmomof2   August 12, 2012 at 5:55 pm

    Look people have to forgive, Rob has to forgive, if not for her sake but for his own. He has to forgive either to repair his relationship with her or to be free of any resentment, mistrust, barrier that he might bring to any future relationship. I will tell you that while, he was wronged, that if he in anyway bath mouths or says anything at this time about their relationship, he will come down a notch for me. He has to take the high road,which believe he will.

  3. Covington Beasley   August 12, 2012 at 3:29 am

    My perception of Ms. Stewart’s state from comments on her Twitter account is that she realizes the relationship is likely over. She seems to have recovered somewhat from her emotionally intense sorrow, regrets.

    • Eliza Lisgter   August 12, 2012 at 4:00 am

      Let’s clear one thing up … Kristen does not have a Twitter account.

    • crmomof2   August 12, 2012 at 5:50 pm

      Kristen herself many many times has said that she does not have a Twitter account. I am not disputing whether or not they have permanently broken up, but I have personally heard her during many interviews stating that she does not have a Twitter account

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