Romney, Working for Americans or Corporations


By James Turnage

I am one of many voters, an unemployed American, forced into early retirement, and barely surviving.  I was reading an article earlier informing the voting public that Romney is more involved in fund raising than getting his message out to the public.  He is foregoing trips to Iowa and Ohio, both swing states, to campaign in states he will most assuredly win in November.  But the latter states are holding banquets etc. to increase his war chest.

What’s wrong with this picture?  And I’m not placing all blame on one side for this, but the money being spent on this year’s election is beyond ridiculous.  The millions and millions of dollars wasted on television advertising could be used for much greater purposes.  We, the voting public, MUST demand campaign finance reform.  We must force our elected officials to do something about the “citizens united” decision made by the Supreme Court allowing private organizations to give unlimited amounts of money to candidates.

This brings me to another part of the article.  Why has Romney refused to open five years of his tax returns to the American people?  It is common for presidential candidates to divulge several years’ returns, why not him?

I have to admit that I thought Harry Reid was pushing it a bit by inferring Romney paid no taxes.  Now I wonder.  What is he trying to hide?  Is there a possibility the man running for our Nation’s highest office is not one of us?  Is he the real elitist in our midst?  And who would he work for if he was elected, the working man or the heads of corporations?

Sure gives you something to think about.

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