Senator Reid hopeful for climate bill


By Kelly J Newson

Senator Harry Reid (D-NV.,) is hoping for a climate bill to hit the floor if Democrats keep the Senate after the 2012 elections. Reid is looking to begin legislation as quickly as possible and wants to put a price on carbon dioxide emissions. Measures have already been brought before the floor. For instance, in 2010 a climate bill written by Senator’s John Kerry (D-Mass.,) and Joe Lierbman (I-Conn.,) were brought to the floor but it failed and neither Senators’ voted.

The Environmental Protection Agency have also had measures reduced. So with that even if Democrats do keep the Senate. Democrats as they do now will have their work cut out for them in getting the 60 votes needed. For its quite possible that they will face a filibuster.

There have also been and are proposals to impose a carbon tax. Even though it may be receiving some newly found attention from Senators it too can face many hurdles if it came to the floor.

“We certainly can’t stay where we are; we have to do something,” Senator Reid (D-NV.,) said while at a green energy summit that he hosts in Las Vegas every year.

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