Taylor Swift Is Smitten by Conor Kennedy as They Become Inseparable

Country music blonde cutie, Taylor Swift appears to have falling hook line and sinker in love with Conor Kennedy. By the same token it appears the young Kennedy hunk has groping eyes for Ms. Swift. How fortunate can a Kennedy get to be chosen by the quintessential love sultriest of today’s youth. Swift possesses all the allures attractive to men; slim, blonde, long hair, beautiful voices, an endless stream of money, and mature aggressiveness. On the other hand, the dazzling beauty didn’t do too bad herself. The 22-year-old country princess reeled in the toothy, tall, gleaming smile well mannered, immaculately tousled hair, 18-year-old son of the legendary Kennedy clan.

Prince and princess apparently made for each other.

Swift, who was photographed Friday smooching and holding hands with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s 18-year-old son, Conor, near the family enclave in Massachusetts appeared extremely content.

Fortunately for them, Kennedy matriarch Ethel and her daughter Rory, Conor’s aunt, already approve of the relationship. At the August Television Critics Association panel about her HBO documentary, Ethel was asked if she could picture Swift, 22, as a Kennedy. “We should be so lucky,” she responded. Rory, it turns out, first met Swift at a concert. “And she’s a great friend of all of ours. We love her. She’s awesome,” she said.

Sartorially at least, Swift’s transition from her Nashville roots to the nonchalant glitz of America’s most famous family has been seamless. Swift’s style has swiftly become more casually refined, with her ditching her boho-chic dresses and boots and instead sporting preppy gear, such as a white button-down with a floral printed, calf-length skirt. Or a retro polka-dot bikini top, with equally old-school yet feminine high-waisted shorts. Topping off her recent looks: eye-catching red lipstick.
“It’s because Jackie was so up to date and knew how to mix different eras together.

Really, the Kennedy look is always classic and never trendy,” says celebrity stylist Estee Stanley, who works with Jessica Biel and Lea Michele. “She kept it ladylike and classic and never extreme. You need a great bag. You need great sunglasses and pearls.” When you think of Kennedy allure, says Chanel celebrity makeup artist Angela Levin, you think of Jackie O, who set the standard in first-lady chic. “She had a very specific style about her that at all times remained the same: clean and simple and elegant. It was about accessibility and simplicity. There was an eyebrow. A little bit of liner and mascara, and a vibrant lip color. And nothing was overly done or too worked on. Everything came together,” says Levin.

In Crocs sandals and beach shorts, Conor Kennedy, led the “You Belong to Me” singer to Mary Richardson Kennedy’s still-unmarked resting place Sunday in St. Francis Xavier Cemetery in Hyannis. Up to 15 other members of the mournful party — including Conor’s sister, Kyra, and their younger brothers, William and Aiden — accompanied the affectionate lovebirds for an impromptu memorial service at the wind-swept cemetery.

One older, unidentified man in the group brought along a pair of pruning shears to tidy up the gravesite watched over by a trio of statues, including the Virgin Mary, standing between two miniature American flags.
As Swift looked off at other distant graves of famous Kennedys, her boyfriend of two months — sporting a T-shirt reading “Chi-Town Showdown Champs” — squatted to help clear overgrown grass from the grave.

Mary Kennedy was initially buried in May near the graves of Eunice and Sargent Shriver. But Robert F. Kennedy Jr. had his estranged wife’s body exhumed in early July and moved 700 feet to a plot on a lonely hilltop on the other end of the cemetery.

In a flash of levity Sunday, the group shared a laugh in the otherwise solemn setting when Conor’s younger brothers got into a playful wrestling match.

Earlier, the group stopped at Our Lady of Victory Church in nearby Centerville for quiet reflection. It is the same country chapel where Conor’s family has experienced both happiness and heartbreak.

Caroline Kennedy wed Edwin Schlossberg at Our Lady of Victory in 1986, and Conor’s uncle, Michael Kennedy, was eulogized there after he was killed in a skiing accident in 1998.

Conor is a student at the prestigious Deerfield Academy, a prep school in Deerfield, Mass. Besides Swift, his main interest has been in researching whales.

He even volunteered this summer on a project to extract DNA from whales in the Gulf of Mexico to determine how they have been affected by the 2010 BP oil spill.

Swift has been spending her downtime getting to know her new beau, as well as his storied family. She is practically becoming a Kennedy historian as she quickly becomes more familiar with their family’s past. Sources say the on weekends, the couple have become inseparable.

It will be interesting to see how long either one can remain this intense with their affection.

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