The Plan Chris Edwards will Co-sponsor HR 25

By Randy Rose:
The Fair Tax Act HR 25 in the House and S.13 in the Senate will create jobs and expand our economy. This one Act will affect your life in a very positive manner. The bottom line is that it repeals the 16th Amendment and that means no income tax.  That is why you get the Gross Pay instead of the Net Pay. When there is no longer taxing of income, manufacturing will come back to the USA and the money parked off-shore will come back and be invested in businesses and that means more jobs. That is why Unemployment drops to 4%. People who get jobs need to live somewhere so they buy homes. That is why home values increase. You pay 4 people’s income tax when you buy a new product today. The manufacturer needs to make a profit so in order to earn a one dollar profit, they must charge $1.55 because .55 goes to the feds as income tax. The same thing happens with the distributor, wholesaler, and retailer. You pay 35% more for products than you should. When there is no income tax, prices fall 35%. The reason it turns out to only be a 12% savings is because we need to fund the Government. A 23%  retail sales tax and 3% goes to social security and disability fully funding both and the Act forbids lawmakers from borrowing or spending any of those funds. You will get a monthly check from the government with no strings attached. All these things combined causes the economy to go up 7% or more. This is why it is important to elect those who will co-sponsor HR 25 and those two are Chris Edwards in CD 1 and Danny Tarkanian in CD 4. Please vote for these guys because we need HR 25 to be passed in Congress.

3 Responses to "The Plan Chris Edwards will Co-sponsor HR 25"

  1. Econmist   August 15, 2012 at 3:13 am

    Hey Mr. Leftist Progressive, your Keynesian economics have been proven wrong time and time again. Ask those greedy mom and pops stores who would not lower prices when walmart came around. Would you pay 35% more at one store or buy it elsewhere for 35% less?

  2. Poor Person   August 13, 2012 at 2:47 am

    Those who do not lower prices will go out of business because if you can save money buying at Walmart Mom and Pop with high prices goes out of business. The poor will get all $20,000 and not pay social security and disability plus a $100/month plus lower prices is a win fall for the poor. This hurts the big spenders like the Rich.

  3. Ronald James   August 13, 2012 at 1:44 am

    In theory Randy, your plan might work. However, I will give you four reasons it won’t. 1. Greedy capitalist businessmen, similar to your boy Mitt, will never lower their price to the consumer the full 35%, as you say they will, if ever, or any percentage for that matter. They can’t make ungodly profits by giving back money.They will make excuses about recovering from the recession, blaming everyone they don’t see eye to eye with. And the rich get richer. 2. A 35% reduction in retail price is not enough to bring offshore manufacturing back to the US. The savings realized by moving a company to another country is 75% not 35%. 3. If the Democrats know (and of course they will) about this 35% reduction in retail prices, they will figure a way to charge an EXCISE TAX on the raw materials needed to produce the product. They will say the EXCISE TAX promotes buying raw materials from inside America, making them look good in the process. And finally 4. I make only 20,000 dollars a year, and I don’t pay any income tax at this level, so why would I agree to pay 23% like you profess. Surely the outcry from similar people in my position wil prompt the Democrats to kill this bill, thru flat out voting it down, if they have the numbers, or filibuster.

    It sounds like just another way for Greedy Right Wing Capitalist Jerks like you and all the rest of your kind attempting a money grab on the poorest people in America. I don’t like being fed a shit sandwich, and you are not even offering me a glass of water to wash it down with. Moron. While your at it, learn how to spell, idiot


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