The Race is On: Meeting the man, Romney speaks at the RNC

As Mitt Romney shared his life with the delegates at the Republican National Convention tonight, you could feel the shift in the atmosphere as though it were a physical one.  Hands that initially clapped on cue just because they were there in the presence of someone they hoped would become their president, shifted to hands that clapped because they had finally begun to make an emotional connection with this man who stood before him.

Mr. Romney talked about his childhood, his wife, the death of his father…at some points the look of sympathy on the face of audience members borderlined tears.

As I watched this I could feel the walls coming down around the hearts of the skeptics in the crowd. As he spoke of his respect for women and his thoughts about the family unit, women across the audience smiled on in support. I think I even saw a dancing baby from Ally McBeal.

Mr. Romney talked about his business life and struggles as a first time business owner. He mentioned his Mormon upbringing. He repeatedly talked about the importance of women. Overall, he covered everything he had been getting negative coverage on.

Mr. Romney went on to tell people what he plans to do if elected. He talked about building an energy independent America, giving families a choice for education, making trade agreements with other nations with “unmistakable consequences” for those who do not keep their word, and he spoke on balancing the budget, championing small businesses, and repealing ObamaCare.

He also said he will not raise taxes on the middle class, that he will “protect life,” honor marriage, and protect freedom of religion.

He closed by rousing the crowd to a frenzy by painting a picture of a united America that’s so strong no other nation would dare to touch it.

Overall, it was an impressive display of strategic marketing that, I believe, will produce the results his campaign desires.

Before tonight, I think we all had an idea of what the outcome of this race would be. But after this speech, it appears we may now have a bonafide election on our hands.

Article By Bridgette Bryant

8 Responses to "The Race is On: Meeting the man, Romney speaks at the RNC"

  1. dejah thoris (@donnaschindler)   September 2, 2012 at 11:21 pm

    He’s a creepy cult member who got his cash from his daddy and made piles more by taking american companies, firing the employees and sending them overseas or just selling them off. He will do anything or say anything to win for his “church”

    • zentrop   September 2, 2012 at 11:54 pm

      “cult member”
      ROMNEY – What religion is not a cult?
      OBAMA – 20 years with Jeremiah Wright.

      “got his cash from his daddy”
      ROMNEY – He gave all his inheritance away to charity.
      OBAMA – Mortgage paid by Tony Rezko (now in prison) Harvard funding unknown.

      “Made piles more by taking american companies”
      ROMNEY – 100,000 jobs created – staples, dominoes pizza, sports authority
      OBAMA = Community organizer, Soyndra, stimulus

      “He will do anything to win for his church”
      ROMNEY – Give one single example in 20+ years of private and public service where anyone even suggested he used his position to push his religion.
      OBAMA – Forces catholics to buy contraceptives totally against their deepest religious beliefs.

      This is fun. Can you give me more?

      • ricegf   September 3, 2012 at 12:17 am

        @zentrop: I think you’ll be VERY busy with all of the material you’ll get from this week’s Democratic Convention. 😀

  2. Dan Walker   September 3, 2012 at 1:27 am

    Your highness, Dejah Thoris Princess of Helium and wife of John Carter of Earth known as Dotar Sojat Carter’s Barsoomian’s name and Prince of Helium as well as The Warlord of Mars, if I am not incorrectly informed, should you not be back on Barsoom? I would imagine your and Carter’s son and daughter Carthoris and Tara are out cavorting with their friends.

  3. Debbie   September 3, 2012 at 12:37 am

    Romney seemed a tad more alive. Ryan was immediately caught in falsehoods. And then there was Clint and the empty chair. I was a Republican for 35 years (GWBush was the end for me) and I am now an Independent. I am center right. Romney generally is center right but flip flops. Ryan is facist. Clint? An old time Republican.

  4. Mark   September 3, 2012 at 12:26 am

    ricegf: I remember when both parties laid off the criticism of the other party during their week of convention. That didn’t happen this year. The dems were all over the air dissing Romney. Why??? They do not respect the opposing view. They think *THEY* (the dems) are the savior of the nation. Taking us further to the left is *NOT* what the majority of the CENTER RIGHT and CENTER LEFT is wanting. The found out that Obama is just full of hot air. He can’t lead. He has SHOWN that. Time for new leadership. Anyone but Obama!!!

  5. Louise Jordan   September 3, 2012 at 12:13 am

    I wish Mr. Romney would have given us some ideas about how he would create jobs. I didn’t connect with him at all…I have no idea what he really believes and what he would do as President.

  6. Blake Perkins   September 2, 2012 at 11:59 pm

    @ dejah thoris. It is obvious the MSM succeeded in delivering its message to you. It is also clear you know next to nothing about how venture capitalist corps work, and even less about his religion or personal motivations. However, Your bigotry and ignorance shine through like a beacon in the night.

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