3.4 magnitude earthquake rattles Dallas, Texas area, no injuries or damages were reported

A minor earthquake of about 3.4 magnitude rattles an area close to Dallas, Texas. There were no injuries or damages reported.

The survey’s earthquake center in Golden, Colo., says the quake lasting several seconds began at 11:05 p.m. CDT Saturday and was centered about 2 miles north of Irving in Texas.

According to Associated Press, geophysicist Randy Baldwin at the Colorado center says that the quake was just strong enough to likely have been felt for about 15 or 20 miles around the epicenter. He says the quake’s online reporting system received no reports of any damages or injuries but there were some 1,200 responses from people who felt the quake.


Baldwin says smaller aftershocks are a possibility in that area in coming hours or days.

The Guardian Express would like to remind you, if you feel as though an earthquake is happening,  get your family outside and away from structures that may collapse and fall onto you. Remember, the life you save may be your own. Words to live by.

Below are the actual statistics from the USGS.



For more information on the earthquake, visit the USGS website here.

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