Amidst Conflicting Reports, Minneapolis Shooting Leaves two killed, 4 people critically hurt

At least 4 people were critically hurt early Thursday evening in a workplace shooting in Minneapolis’ Bryn Mawr neighborhood, north of downtown in Interstate 394, police said. Amidst conflicting reports, there were unconfirmed reports that two people were killed.

The shootings took place inside a business, Accent Signage Systems, in the 2300 block of Chestnut Avenue W. Officers from multiple agencies, including SWAT team officers, were on the scene as the evening wore on, and there were scanner reports that the shooter was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in the basement of the business.

Several ambulances were seen leaving the area for area hospitals. Hennepin County Medical Center said it was treating three people who were in a critical condition.

Heidi Pierce, a resident of the area, said a police officer told her that 13 people had been shot and that the shooter was a white man with a ponytail who was a disgruntled employee of the business.

Several Hennepin County sheriff’s deputies armed with rifles trained on Accent Signage were standing on a bridge over Penn and 1 1/2 Avenues N.

Dozens of gawkers looked on from the foot of the bridge, the closest they could get.
Tracey Pyscher, who lives about 1 1/2 blocks away from the business, was heading out for an afternoon walk when she saw police cars gathered near the business. “The police were standing behind their vehicles and were pointing their rifle at the business,” she said.

She was later advised by a SWAT team she couldn’t return to her home until the incident is resolved.

Later, local activist and anti-violence activist KG Wilson said police told him they had found the shooter dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.
As the incident unfolded, exits headed toward the area off I-394 were closed during the busy rush hour.

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