Assuming Obama wins, what’s next from this one-man demolition team?

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Written/Copyright 2012 – Eric Lageson

Assuming Obama wins, what’s next from this one-man demolition team?

Spike Lee quote: “Obama will do whatever he wants in his second term.”
The President is in unique position. He cannot outright induce policies that seem as if he is dismantling the United States. On the contrary, it must seem as if he’s saving the United States. He knows most of the media is protecting him and that he can get away with anything.
2013-2016. Our Mount Everest deficit will continue to grow with left-wing pundits saying higher taxes will fix it. How? With a 100% income tax? Where’d all that stimulus money go? Was it siphoned off to Obama’s buddies? $1.5 billion was given to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood – a gov’t that hates us and hates Israel more.
If our largest debt holder China asks to be paid off NOT IN DOLLARS, what will we do? If Fort Knox has, as reported, been depleted of its gold reserves, how do we pay off the Chinese?
If, after the election, gas prices go up to $10 per gallon, what then? If you know anything about Obama, you know this is what he really wants, because progressive-liberals think the less gas we use, the better, no matter what the cause.
If that’s not enough, the 2,000 page ObamaCare plan kicks into action, gobbling up our economy, sending it apoplectic seizures. When this happens and it will, all Democrats and some Republicans will say they didn’t know or see it coming. Obama knows. He wants it to happen that way.
If America has its financial collapse as long predicted, Obama will blame the usual suspects: Wall Street, capitalism and the Republicans. (By Term 2, Pres. O will no longer have to hide that he is a socialist and it will become much more obvious.) Big government-big Communist government is coming and you had better get used to it.
Recently, conservative Fox News host Bill O’Reilly said the President isn’t a socialist because he doesn’t want to take over anything. What Mr. O’Reilly doesn’t understand is this – the takeover is incremental until the collapse. Mr. O’Reilly believes, (as most people do), that Pres. Obama is basically a nice guy who deep down wants to do what’s best for America.
I think Obama wants to bring down America, especially white America. His wife is more obvious about it. I believe the Obamas see the USA as racist, unfair and mean and that the best thing for it would be to tear it down and start all over again as a Communist super-state. The President belies it all with his good-natured smile and easy-going manner, but there’s always been something wrong with the way he carries himself. Call it whatever you like. I call it evil.
When the United States of America loses its place as the world’s only leader and super-power, what takes its place? What if – as I’ve predicted since 2008 – an Arab-Muslim confederacy decides to run the world?
What happens when Obama’s “Arab Spring” becomes our nuclear winter? Barack Hussein Obama, agent for Islam; his job is complete.

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  1. nasa100   September 27, 2012 at 1:55 am

    Sad, but true!


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