Bomb threats at two American Universities

By Kelly J Newson
Early this morning at two of America’s universities two separate bomb threats occurred and was met with both campuses being evacuated.

Thankfully there were no explosives found on the University of Texas at Austin or North Dakota University in Fargo. Though, students were met with the harsh reality of the world we live in and for the University of Texas classes canceled.

The University of Texas at Austin were alerted as early as 8:35am but didn’t post this message on the university’s website till 10:35am; “Evacuation due to threats on campus. Immediately evacuate ALL buildings and get as far away as possible. More information to follow.”

The reason for the evacuation, according to Texas university spokeswoman Rhonda Weldon, “a man with a Middle Eastern accent had claimed to have placed bombs all over campus and that they would go off in 90 minutes.”

A professor for the university who requested that his identity not be known said this, “there was no sense of panic.”

Over at North Dakota State a university with a smaller student population than that of the University of Texas with approximately 14,000 had a separate bomb threat.

North Dakota State warned its students, faculty and staff with this on the university website, “Urgent Security Alert.”

The entire campus was ordered to be evacuated by 10:15am and just like at the University of Texas no explosives were found.

North Dakota State reopened its campus at 1pm and resumed classes at 2pm.

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