“Breaking Bad” Season Finale Recap and it doesn’t look good for Walt

Special Note: For those that don’t understand the format. This season is split up into two parts, and now we have to wait months to see just how badly this whole thing goes for all involved.

“Breaking Bad’s” season final showed Walt’s complete transformation into a power hunger, ego inflated tough guy, which somewhat surprised me. Nevertheless, Walt is going down a dark path that doesn’t look good.

In truth, tonight’s episode felt like a good cliffhanger waiting to happen. After last week’s death, there were a few ways Walt could go and well, he definitely goes to a place tonight I’m not sure I wanted to see. If you thought you were on Walt’s side, after tonight, I doubt you are now.

We open at Vamanos Pest where Walt contemplates the movement of a fly. You know how he doesn’t like pests, right? Todd comes to tell him the car has been dealt with (sent off to Junkyard Joe) and Mike? He’s in the trunk of Walt’s car. And even though I thought Mike would at least get a proper send off, he just gets a chemical bath like everyone else.

Before this, Jesse waltzes over into Walt’s makeshift meth office to see if Walt was able to get to Mike and Walt’s reply is a simple, “He’s gone.” Jesse’s led to believe Mike’s alive, and wants to know what’s next, but Walt says there is no us, it’s just him now. With Walt if you’re out you’re out. What happened to that new guy?

Walt meets with Lydia to get the list, wearing his bada** Heisenberg outfit. Lydia’s still her nervous self and I haven’t missed her in the last few episodes. She doesn’t initially give up the list (that’s actually in her head, since it’s safer there than on paper).

Lydia, the smart cookie she is figures Walt wouldn’t be doing this if Mike is a factor, since all she wants is protection from Mike. Walt repeatedly says that he has no use for her if she doesn’t give him the names. Instead of giving up the names right away, she offers a new idea. She wants to exponentionally grow Walt’s market, namely overseas in the Czech Republic. I’m kind of surprised by her move, but Walt seems to go for it, especially when Lydia claims to have even successfully pitched it to Gus before he died.

After all this, Lydia does give Walt the names and says “We’re going to make a lot of money together.” After she leaves though, we learn that Walt was hiding the ricin bottle under his hat. She could have died, but she was saved…for now.

Walt meets Todd’s uncle who has jail-ties (and apparently Nazi ties, too), to discuss killing Gus’ guys who are spread across three different jails. Walt’s plan is killing all of them within minutes of each other. It sounds crazy, but Walt says it can be done and when Walt says so, Todd’s uncle better get it done. And does he ever.

The whole sequence, with the guys being jumped and repeatedly stabbed (or in one case, burned) all over the jails was just crazy intense and hard to watch (I actually turned away). When Hank finds out, he’s not too happy about it. He’s now got no one on his side. I’m guessing the lawyer (the 10th) was off-ed, too.

Now that’s done with, Walt’s back to cooking with Todd and everything seems like it’s moving like clockwork. I loved this sequence while the appropriately named song “Crystal Blue Persuasion” plays. I also enjoyed Walt hiding piles of cash between the soda.

It’s been three (!) months since Skyler left the kids with Marie and Hank and Marie thinks maybe it’s time to bring them back together. I just can’t believe it’s been three months! Skyler clearly misses her kids and takes Walt to show him the giant money pile sitting in a storage space. I love that Skyler says that she started bringing it here because there was just too much of it! She stopped counting and then tried weighing it, but couldn’t figure it out. It’s more money than they can spend. “I want my kids back. I want my life back. Please tell me, how much is enough?” Is this it???

Walt goes to see Jesse, who tells him that Saul told him what he did. Walt claims “There was no other choice, it had to be done.” They share stories of their old cook adventures and in these moments I’m missing them together! Before Walt leaves, he says he’s left something for Jesse. It’s two big piles of money. After Jesse’s brings it in, he pulls a gun that was in his pocket. Aww, poor Jesse.

Walt finally tells Skyler “I’m out.” I half expected her to scream something, but then again, that’s not Skyler.

And now the White are all back under the same roof, having a nice family day and all seems happy. But you can tell something’s going to happen. When Hank leaves to go to the bathroom, I can sense it’s coming. There are still a few minutes left!

And then it happens. While in the bathroom, Hank picks up Walt Whitman’s “Leaves of Grass” last seen a few episodes ago. Inside is an inscription written to W.W. from G.B. The W.W. being Walter White and G.B. being Gale Boetticher (you know, the chemist working with Walt and Jesse that Jesse killed at the end of season three). Hank’s mouth drops (he remembers those initials) and we fade to black.

Wow. Did you expect such a cliffhanger? We’ll have to wait until next summer to know what happens next, but you know it doesn’t look good for Walter. How can he talk his way out of this one? It seems Hank has found that connection he’s been missing this whole time. This season has been outstanding and continues to move towards the end game. What did you think? What how about next year? It definitely cannot come fast enough! There’s my TwoCents, share yours below!

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  1. Summer   September 3, 2012 at 5:51 am

    crazy episode! knew something bad was going to happen when Hank got up from the table. Great synopsis. When does the second part of the season start?


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