Chris Brown Overcame Haters Receiving Both the Girl and VMAs Top Award

Many thought that Chris Brown was not going to attend the VMAs. In fact, the artist’s rep put out a press release stating that brown would not be in attendance. It was believed that Brown had made the decision in order to avoid another confrontation with Drake. However, the R&B crooner was physically present at the Video Music Awards seated upfront not far from Drake or Rihanna. So if anyone was interested as to which one of these two would win you might be surprised that Chris Brown beat Drake. Brown beat Drake at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards on Thursday evening, receiving VMA’s coveted Best Male Video Trophy; an honor Drake was up for, too. But that’s not all Brown seemed to win Thursday night. Once all things are considered, Brown overcame haters by receiving both, the girl and VMAs Top Award for male artists. We can only wait until Friday morning to learn if it was too much for Drake to take.

Nevertheless, according to a report from Hollywood Life, Chris won a VMA for Best Male Video for his song “Turn Up the Music.” And Drake? He was part of a joke host Kevin Hart told, but Chris was in on that as well!

Looking dapper in a gray suit and sunglasses, Breezy sauntered onto the stage to accept his statue.

He addressed the crowd and the viewing audience briefly, saying, “Well, uh, I’ll make it real short. First and foremost I want to thank Team Breezy. This is my first time actually being able to direct a video by myself — and bring [my] vision to life. So I just want to thank everybody — all my management team, RCA, MTV, I thank everybody. I love ya’ll — my fans,” Chris said after receiving his award.

Breezy beat out stiff competition from the likes of Justin Bieber and his NYC bottle battler Drake, proving that even though he has a bit of a bad reputation and is known for his temper, the fans still love him; as much as his ex RiRi does.

There were some concerns that Breezy and Dreezy in the house, along with Rihanna, might prove crazy, too, but no one stepped out of line. There weren’t any home views shown of Chris’s girlfriend Karrueche Tran, so it’s uncertain if she attended the VMAs or not.

All in all, Chris Brown had a great winning night–as did Rihanna. And Drake didn’t walk away empty handed after losing out on the big award, instead, he won the lightly regarded Best Hip-Hop Video award.

Hopefully the three of them aren’t headed for some nightclub in L.A. right now. That could turn bad quickly! Fans will have to wait until Friday morning to learn what transpired following the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards!

It looks like MTV is taking sides in the whole Chris Brown-Drake feud. Brown won Best Male Video at the MTV Video Music Awards on Thursday night, besting his former friend, Drake. Earlier at the VMAs, host Kevin Hart joked about Brown and Drake’s New York City nightclub feud, saying Drake had thrown the bottle in a misguided attempt to recycle. Brown didn’t seem fazed by the jokes, and gave Hart a high five before accepting his Moonman statue. Brown’s ex-girlfriend Rihanna won for video of the year, while One Direction took home a number of awards, including best pop video and best new artist.

But it gets worst for Drake as a camera captured both Rihanna and Chris Brown giving each other a hug and a kiss amidst rumors that the two would be making some formal appearance together at the award show. Make of it what you may; I always wonder what role Karueche is really playing in Chris Brown’s life.

Interestingly, Brown received praise from an R&B legend earlier in the day, when Anita Baker applauded the singer and other young artists of the day on their ability to succeed professionally while dealing with personal trials and tribulations under public scrutiny.

“I also embrace…whatever it is that has allowed these young ones to endure what they endure publicly, and to still be able to present themselves to us,” she admits. “Historically, in my generation, all of my heroes and heroines have had issues and problems. We all do. Chris Brown is brilliant. That cat is crazy brilliant and I wish him the best.”

Brown is getting some good press lately, do you think he deserved winning one of VMAs top awards?

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