Joe Biden Gave the Best DNC Speech In His Role as Party Attack Dog

What needs to be said first and foremost is that Joe Biden gave the Best DNC speech during the three day convention. That said, Vice President Joe Biden accepted his nomination and almost immediately went to work declaring “I say to my fellow Americans: My fellow Americans, four years ago a battered nation turned away from the failed policies of the past and turned to a leader who they knew would lift our nation out of the crisis — a journey — a journey we haven’t finished yet.” Biden wasted no time making clear his role at the Democratic National Convention – questioning Mitt Romney ability to lead and affirming that President Obama is a “tested” leader worthy of re-election.

On the final evening of the Democratic National Convention here, Biden fully embraced his role as party attack dog. He occasionally wandered off script but only into safe territory, praising his wife or indulging in a few stray words for emphasis.

But he  offered a stout defense of President Obama’s tenure in the White House  using his address to the Democratic National Convention to hail his boss for steering the country out of the worst economic crisis in generations and making the case for a second term.

Through more than 3½ years in office, Biden has served as the president’s head cheerleader and hammer — boasting of Obama’s accomplishments while eviscerating the White House’s GOP opponents who he said put partisan concerns ahead of country.

In making the case for giving Obama a second term, Biden said he wanted to take Americans inside the White House, so they could understand how the president operates.

With that in mind, the vice president spent much of his speech focusing on Obama’s conduct during two difficult decisions during his presidency: ordering a risky raid to kill Osama bin Laden and making the controversial decision to back the U.S. auto industry.

With the bin Laden raid, Biden recalled sitting with Obama and other top advisers in theSituation Room and considering ordering the raid on what they believed was bin Laden’s compound.

“This man has courage in his soul, compassion in his heart and a spine of steel,” Biden said, describing Obama’s decision to go ahead with the raid on bin Laden’s compound, but also his broader sense of who the president is. As he spoke for nearly 40 minutes, the crowd waved signs reading “fired up, ready for Joe.”

“We sat for days in the Situation Room,” Biden said. “He listened to the risks and reservations about the [bin Laden] raid. And he asked the tough questions. But when Adm. [Bill] McRaven looked him in the eye and said, ‘Sir, we can get this done,’ I knew at that moment Barack had made his decision. His response was decisive. He said, ‘Do it.’ And justice was done.”

Biden contrasted that with GOP nominee Mitt Romney, referring to the former Massachusetts governor’s 2007 quote, “It’s not worth moving heaven and earth, and spending billions of dollars, just trying to catch one person.”

“I don’t think he’s a bad guy,” Biden said over jeers from audience. “I’m sure he grew up loving cars as much as I did. I just don’t think he understood – I just don’t think he understood what saving the automobile industry meant to all of America. Not just auto workers. I think he saw it the Bain [Capital] way. Balance sheets. Write-offs.”

He invoked a central theme of the Obama campaign, describing the election as a choice between two “fundamentally different visions and a completely different value set.”

Biden recalled how in the first days in office, General Motors and Chrysler were on the verge of collapsing. Many lawmakers, experts and White House aides and advisers said it was too risky to step in. Obama bucked his advisers, and his decision to bailout the U.S. automobile industry helped save more than a million jobs, Biden said. He also noted that Romney opposed the move.

“Conviction. Resolve. Barack Obama,” Biden said. “That’s what saved the American automobile industry.”

Biden directly rebutted the Republican notion that America is failing under Obama’s stewardship.

“You never quit on America. And you deserve a president who will never quit on you,” he said. “And one more thing our Republican opponents are dead wrong about: America is not in decline.”

Directing his remarks to Romney and Republican vice presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan, he said, “it’s never been a good bet to bet against the American people.”

As his speech came to a close, Biden invoked the Obama team’s vision of a better future.

“The journey of hope is not yet finished, but we are on our way,” he said. “The choice is to move forward, boldly forward. Finish the job we started and reelect President Barack Obama.”


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