Emma Watson Displays Stunning Legs at “The Perks Of Being A Wallflower” Premiere

Emma Watson knew better than to fall victim to yet another fashion faux pas when she stepped out at the Cinema Society screening of her new film, “The Perks of Being a Wallflower,” premiere at the Crosby Street Hotel in Soho, New York City, last night looking stunning in a white, one-sleeved minidress.

The Harry Potter star chose a revealing white mini-dress for her appearance at the New York premiere of “The Perks Of Being A Wallflower.”

She risked flashing too much flesh with the cut-out sides and displayed her stunning legs in the tiny skirt, with cute button detail.

And she chose matching white stilettoes to go with the eye-catching outfit.

Her only splash of color was green eye shadow.

She was joined at the Cinema Society event by her costars Adam Higenbuch, Johnny Simmons, Logan Lerman, Ezra Miller, and Erin Wilhelmi at the city’s Crosby Street Hotel. Emma and Ezra were in LA earlier this week for their big West Coast debut.

There, Emma told us about her reaction when Perks got a standing ovation at TIFF, and also dished on the “hippie”-like atmosphere on set when she made the movie during the Summer of 2010 in Pittsburgh.

The 22-year-old actress plays Sam, the first love of awkward freshman Charlie, in the movie.

Percy Jackson star Logan Lerman takes the lead as the introverted boy, who is taken under the wing of older students Sam and Patrick (Ezra Miller).

Sam sets about helping the Wallflower to blossom. Judging by this outfit, our Em is no shrinking violet.

Earlier this week Watson had a slightly embarrassing wardrobe malfunction while promoting the film in Hollywood. Her dress slipped down and one of her “nipple daisies” was revealed. At least she had the sense to use the nipple-covering accessory!

“Yeah, I have to (work with a stylist) at this point,” she told the magazine. “Just practically, these gowns are ridiculous. You’re being photographed from every angle, so not only do you have to consider how the thing looks, but whether you’re going to be able to sit in it and whether people are going to be able to see up your skirt.”

But after Emma Watson flashed her nipple daisies at the Los Angeles premiere of Perks (ha! Perks!) Of Being A Wallflower, she’s obviously taken a few more precautions with her outfit choice. Sure, she still wants the world to know that her breasts have sides, but she doesn’t want to show you the front bits too. Which is probably why she spent most of her time at the New York premiere posing with her back to the camera, looking casually over her shoulder.

To be honest, Emma looks so pretty in these pictures, she could have flashed her belly button fluff and we wouldn’t care very much.

We’re too busy acknowledging the fact that she managed to get the white dress over her head without smearing beige foundation all along the collar.

Emma also fit in a stop by Late Night With Jimmy Fallon yesterday. Her interview, which aired last night, was hilarious. Jimmy asked Emma about being the riskiest person to search on the Internet. She replied, “My brother says, ‘You’re about as dangerous as a fluffy bunny.'” Emma and Jimmy also did a silly dance together, and she went on to express love for Pittsburgh.

One thing is for sure – the former “Harry Potter” star is all grown up.

Watson’s sexy looks of late don’t have anything to do with rumors of her being up for the role of Anastasia Steele in theFifty Shades of Grey film.

“I haven’t read the book — so I don’t know what I would be signing myself up for,” she told The Insider at the Toronto premiere. “So I would have to get sent a script, I guess. But it’s always flattering that people are thinking about you for roles and you are in the mix for things, so it’s great.”

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  1. adia   September 15, 2012 at 10:13 pm

    Logan Lerman, Paul Rudd, and Ezra Miller = three hot Jews in one movie.

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