Lady Gaga Certain to Amass Fortune From “Fame” Perfume

Britney Spear’ billion-dollar perfume empire has earned the pop star an estimated $1.5billion from her perfume empire that dominates the celebrity fragrance market according to an article on Mail Online.

Now Lady Gaga is launching her perfume Thursday evening as only she could, with a bizarre performance art display in the lobby of the Guggenheim museum and Spears’ has amassed an enormous fortune from the sale of her line of perfumes, Gaga is expected to do quite well.

“Fame,” is about the cycles of desire and how to do away with them or manage them well,” the 26-year-old superstar said. “Vanity can create a very cruel space for you if you don’t know how to manage it.”

One thing you can be sure of — she is passionate. Unlike other celebrities who license their name to use on products other people make, Gaga was heavily involved in the entire process, she says, including the idea of making the actual liquid black — a perfume first. At first, her collaborators tried to talk her out of the dark tint “so you don’t have to explain to everyone how it won’t get on your clothing,” she recalled. “And I said, `I don’t want to do it unless it’s black’.”

She is certainly someone who knows how to walk the fine line between shock value and mass appeal — as when I asked about what she wanted from Fame’s scent. “I wanted it to smell slutty, to be totally honest,” she said.

“I don’t think that women need to smell interesting. I have an interesting mind but I want to smell like a slut … I mean it in a lovely way like the way your husband makes you feel when you’ve had a really long day and he knows exactly what to say to you to make you feel sexy.”

Does she think of herself as a businesswomen? “Well, I guess we’ll find out,” she said.

The young performer is certainly in the black: Forbes estimates Gaga earned $52 million between May 2011 and May 2012 — a drop from the $90 million she earned the year before, the magazine reported. But Forbes expects that figure to balloon next year, as she launched her 2012-2013 “Born This Way Ball” world tour in late April with more than 100 concerts planned.

Will that passion translate into commercial success for the perfume? Some fans are turned off when their favorite artists hawk products, but as Gaga quipped during our interview, “I already am a product.”

Prices for the Fame products range from $19 to $79 for a 100 milliliter bottle, and the line also include soap, shower gel and body lotion. She joins a long list of celebrities who have launched their own perfume or cologne lines, from Beyonce and Brittany Spears to Pavarotti and Michael Jordan.

“The most exciting thing about this fragrance is that is was collaboration between myself and two lifelong friends of mine, incredible photographers and creators,” she said.

“Steve Klein shot the ad campaign the amazing images for the fragrance and Nick Knight designed the bottle with me. It’s been an amazing time for me. I’ve been enjoying myself because I get to work with people I really love and respect and give something back to the fans.

“We really spent a lot of time creating this for you because we love you and we appreciate that you love the aesthetic that we created through our music and TV performances,” she added.

Gaga has dismissed the idea of a fashion line in the past, saying the Haus of Gaga, the creative team behind often controversial couture, “was not a commodity, not something to be sold.” But that may be shifting. When asked if this experience has made her open to the idea of other products she coyly responded, “Anything is possible.”

During New York Fashion Week Gaga invited her famous friends to watch her sleep as a publicity stunt to market “Fame.” The image seemed to go along with her idea of a dark colored perfume. It was supposed to go along with the hooker fragrance.

I’m not sure how effective it was but who am I to critique this master marketer.

Attention in the room focused around an enormous replica of her perfume bottle. Gaga, wearing a Prabal Gurung gown, lay inside the bottle as if she was asleep. Guests were invited to reach through a hole in the bottle and touch her. Some opted to stroke her hair, others held her outstretched hand. (I fought the crowds and took a turn, reaching in to briefly hold her hand. It felt oddly normal.)

Later in the evening, Gaga shaved a portion of her head and got a new tattoo.

I suspect that is just how Lady Gaga likes it. She is in it for the long haul and very much in control of every aspect of her Fame.

If nothing else is clear, Gaga is certain to amass a fortune from sales of “Fame.”

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  1. Denton   September 16, 2012 at 6:09 pm

    “reaching in to briefly hold her hand. It felt oddly normal.” DWL. Weird isn’t, normal? Gaga?, I too would have expected something spectacular to happen much like the diseased woman in Christian mythology who fought to touch the hem of Jesus’s robe and was healed of all sickness.


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