Lohan’s much ado about nothing accident doesn’t reflect surveillance video

According to Lindsay Lohan’s publicist, Steve Honig, the alleged hit and run accident that the former child star was accused of on Wednesday was “much ado about nothing.” However, surveillance videotape released Thursday by cops support a chef’s claim that he was Lindsay Lohan’s hit-and-run victim, but also suggests his account of his injuries is exaggerated. Though the video evidence is not quite clear Lohan’s position doesn’t reflect surveillance video recorded account.

The latest twist in the early Wednesday incident in Chelsea came as the troubled Hollywood actress’ mother said there is only so much she can do.

“I’m certainly not making excuses for Lindsay’s behavior,” Dina Lohan told the Daily News. “But she’s a 26-year-old woman.”

But she said if she had to do it all again, she might not let her daughter be a child star.

Speaking of children, Lindsay Lohan was spotted Thursday evening leaving the Bowery Hotel, carrying an unidentified child in her arms. She wore a black trench coat over a white dress and was accompanied by her artist pal Domingo Zapata, who also carried a young child.

She strolled into a waiting SUV without addressing the media at about 7 p.m.

Grainy and blurry as a Lohan night out, the black-and-white video released by the NYPD shows a jet-black Porsche Cayenne zooming into the entrance ramp to a Chelsea hotspot, clipping Jose Rodriguez, 34, and scattering a half-dozen clubgoers out front.

The car, which cops say was driven by Lohan, continued down the ramp between the Maritime and Dream Hotels and leading to the underground Electric Room nightclub.

Rodriguez told the Daily News he “fell to the side” and was “was in so much pain.”

But the video doesn’t show him falling after being struck. It shows him immediately twirling around and following the car down the ramp.

A police source said Lohan blinked her headlights at people blocking the ramp before proceeding forward. But that’s not clear on the video.

It’s also impossible to see if Rodriguez is grimacing in pain because police intentionally blurred out all the faces in the footage.

The encounter just after midnight Wednesday prompted cops to arrest Lohan. She was issued a desk summons for leaving the scene of an accident and released.

Rodriguez said he followed the car and confronted the occupants. He insisted the “Mean Girls” star was “slurring” and “smelled of alcohol.” But by the time cops caught up to her, two hours after the accident, they found no indication that she was intoxicated.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said officers did not give Lohan a Breathalyzer and they don’t think she was impaired.

Rodriguez insisted Lohan didn’t seem to care if he was injured.

He said a male companion put Lohan in the back seat of the sports car, and they drove off “like it didn’t matter.”

Lindsay Lohan had asked police in New York City to question the account of a cook who claims he was clipped by her luxury SUV after a security video failed to show any clear evidence that her car came in contact with the man.

Lohan was arrested in New York for allegedly leaving an accident scene early Wednesday morning.

But sources familiar with the case say the security video should aid in her defense, because even if she grazed the chef, the contact was so minor she would not have been aware of it. A source familiar with the investigation said security video did not confirm that Lohan’s vehicle clipped the man.
Lohan was arrested at 2:25 a.m. Wednesday as she left the Dream Hotel, a 315-room luxury Manhattan hotel with a nightclub.

But the pedestrian complained the actress’ slow-moving SUV hit his knee, police said. The victim, police said, called authorities and was treated at a local hospital. When Lohan returned, she was arrested, given a citation ordering her to appear in court and released.

Lohan herself retweeted a TMZ story Wednesday evening that the video suggests the victim exaggerated the incident and that detectives could not agree whether the car had even struck him.

The actress’ publicist dismissed the allegations. “While some of the facts are still being gathered, it appears that this is much ado about nothing,” Steve Honig said. “We are confident this matter will be cleared up in the coming weeks, and the claims being made against Lindsay will be proven untrue.”

The 26-year-old “Mean Girls” star has had numerous arrests and served brief jail sentences and is on probation for shoplifting a necklace in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles city prosecutors said that if she did leave the scene of an accident, an L.A. judge could determine it was a violation of her probation terms, which could mean more jail time or community service.

Lohan has been trying to put her much-chronicled legal troubles behind her and resume her acting career with the TV movie “Liz and Dick.”

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