Mitt Romney Alienates Middle Class Voters, Right-Wing Base

Mitt Romney has changed his stance on the issues before, witness his statements on the recent “47%” debacle. He has also done these “modifications” more than a few times since he first ran for President back in 2008, and lately it would appear that he has been “modifying” by the minute, in an attempt to deflect criticism of some of his recent choices.

Governor Romney released his 2011 taxes last Friday, and I believe he did so in an effort to deflect criticism from the cell phone video where he made his infamous “47%” remarks. My feeling is that if the cell phone video had not come to light, Romney would have released his 2011 taxes somewhere in the week of October 8th through the 12th. Reason being, early voting would be in full swing and the diehard right wingers would have already cast their ballots, as well as the absentee ballots, which have to be received in close proximity to election day, with each State having their own, differing receive dates.

So Mitt Romney was forced to “modify” again. And I’m sure he will modify again and again and again before election day, as this seems to be his “business model,” what with him being the most qualified businessman on the planet and all, and the only businessman qualified to be President of the United States.

First of all, Romney was quoted in a July 2012 interview with ABC News as saying, “I don’t pay more than are legally due and frankly if I had paid more than are legally due I don’t think I’d be qualified to become president. I’d think people would want me to follow the law and pay only what the tax code requires.”

Time to modify Mitt.

Second, a review of the 2011 tax return that Romney released on Friday revealed numerous investment transgressions that will ultimately doom his candidacy for President in my opinion, and my assessment of the original time line for release of these tax returns will bear out.

More modifications seem to be in order here as well Mr. Romney.

The last time we had a hard line businessman as President was when Herbert Hoover was president.

Hoover, a one term President, and United States Secretary of Commerce for 7 1/2 years under Presidents Calvin Coolidge and Warren G. Harding, both Republicans, was a sturdy, effective Secretary of Commerce, and was referred to by Washington insiders as, “the Secretary of Commerce… and Under-Secretary of Everything Else!”

Regardless of his effectiveness as Commerce Secretary, he was blamed for the stock Market Crash of 1929, and the ensuing Great Depression, not because of anything he did as President, but for his actions while Commerce Secretary, and the apparent willingness to allow Big Business’ inclusion into government policy protocol, and gain the advantage of government business dealings, nowadays referred to as “Insider Trading.” This philosophy was termed “associationalism” in those days.

He also was the inventor of “job outsourcing,” as he energetically promoted international trade, by opening offices overseas that gave advice and practical help to businessmen trying to move their respective businesses out of the U.S., to countries overseas where lower wages were the order of the day, thereby increasing these businesses bottom line, net revenue and creating “tax shelters.”

Sound like somebody you know.

Because of these events, he was soundly defeated in his bid for re-election in 1932 by Democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt in a landslide, FDR’s 58.12% to Hoover’s 39.66%, a record percentage at that time in history.

And Mitt Romney is probably no different. A hard-nosed, bottom line driven businessman, he will probably serve only Big Business, and only give “lip” service to the general populace. Heck, Mitt Romney isn’t even a Republican by definition, he is a Capitalist, whose only concern seems to be more revenue at all costs, and seems to live by the credo “the end justifies the means,” ala Herbert Hoover.

We all know what happened because of him.

I would offer these words of wisdom to all voters, not just undecided voters.

To quote an old axiom, “Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.”

More on Mitt Romney’s investments as reviewed from his 2011 tax return, tomorrow.

Article by Jim Donahue

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