Roger Goodell supported erroneous call removed all credibility

“Getting it Right”

By James Turnage

Roger Goodell has always advocated fairness in the NFL. I am a fanatic and therefore sometimes disagreed with him. However, his decisions appeared to have been made after thorough investigation, resulting in just and fair action. He just blew it all in one major mistake resulting in a loss by a team that may have serious repercussions in the future.

If you watched Monday night’s game, you didn’t have to be a trained referee to make the proper call. Even after instant replay, the guys with the striped shirts got it wrong. Not that that is the first time, but this time millions of viewers witnessed the most egregious mistake I can remember.

All of this is horrible, but when Roger Goodell supported the erroneous call, he removed all credibility as Commissioner of the NFL. I, and every other fan question the suspension of the New Orleans coach and players. None of us have seen his “proof”. And we will question future decisions made by him.

The replacement referees have no real blame in all of this. They have not been properly trained to enforce the rules of NFL football. The players are too fast, everything happens too fast for anyone to be able to simply step in and be accurate 90% of the time. The regular officials don’t get it right all the time either, and there should be fines levied when they make incorrect calls after instant replay. But to expect inexperienced officials to make proper calls in critical situations is not realistic.

Goodell is obviously backing this debacle to make a statement. He is telling the regular officials that he will not back down in his current negotiations with them. His ego is bigger than his intellect. He can no longer be trusted.

I don’t like strikes. But after the first three weeks of the season, something has to be done. This incident is not the first time I have witnessed a call that probably cost a team a victory. The integrity of the league is at stake. The teams and players are paying a large price. It always seems to come down to labor to suffer the burden of bad business. If the players refused to play until the regular referees return, I would not blame them. We have heard a lot about the safety of the game. What we’re looking at now is the destruction of the reputation of the entire league.

I ask this of Roger Goodell who has made this his mantra too many times to recall, “Get it right”.

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