The IAGE endorses Chris Edwards for U.S. Congress

Chris Edwards is fighting to represent District 1 in the U.S. Congress against Dina Titus this November.

Without question, this election represents a turning point for America.

• We need a Congress that will stand for a pro-growth economy capable of providing jobs for the millions who are now struggling to find work.

• We need a Congress that will develop an energy policy that will make us energy
independent and that reaps the benefits of our abundant energy resources.

• We need a Congress that provides a splendid military with the resources and capabilities to defend and protect our citizens against any threat.

• We need a Congress that demands a foreign policy that respects our friends and stands firm against our adversaries.

Every citizen must make a choice this November—We must stand for a thriving, robust and confident America, and we must reject unequivocally the European-style socialist nanny state favored by Chris Edwards’s opponent, Dina Titus.

The choice is yours and it is but weeks away.

Vote for Chris Edwards for Congressional District 1.

There you have it, a union endorsing Chris Edwards and we are sorry that it is a month overdue.

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