Mitt Romney’s 2011 Taxes: Why did you Cook the Books Mitt

Mitt Romney released his 2011 tax return on Friday September 21st 2012.

It’s about time Governor Romney.

The American people and the 2012 electorate have been clamoring for some time for Mr. Romney to be more forthcoming with his tax returns, and we have finally received a partial response.

Problem is, the release of this information raises more questions than it answers.

The Reverend Al Sharpton said on his show, MSNBC’s Politics Nation on Friday, “We’ve been waiting for month’s for this promised return, so what did we learn? He made $13.7 million dollars from investment income. He paid $1.9 million dollars in Federal taxes. Which makes his effective tax rate 14.1%. That 14.1% percent is about half, HALF of what the average worker pays. Yet another example of how this tax code is rigged for the wealthy.

“But the big news today is still all the years and years of returns that Romney is refusing to release.” He goes on to say, “Past candidates have all released several years or returns, including Romney’s own father, who set the standard by releasing 12 years. Romney even required 10 years of return from his own running mate Paul Ryan.”

“Instead of giving us more than two years, Romney’s essentially saying, ‘Trust me on this’.”

Well what’s it going to be Governor Romney?

For instance, several months back, Mr. Romney said in an interview that if he paid more than his fair share in taxes, that would disqualify him from being President.

You can’t have it both ways Mitt.

Reverend Sharpton goes on to say, “Today his accountant released a letter saying, that over the last two decades, the Romney’s average Federal tax rate was just over 20%, and their lowest federal tax rate was 13.6%.” “Well if they can put all that in a letter, why not just release the taxes so we can see for ourselves.”

“After the seeing of his new tax return, the question remains, what in his tax returns is he afraid of showing the public?”

Good question Reverend, how about it Mitt, care to give us an answer?

If you have paid between 13.66% and 20.20% percent on your taxes for the last 20 years, the obvious question is, why don’t you just show us Mitt. Release them if you have nothing to hide.

I think I know the answer to this one. To get his tax rate in line with what he said previously, which was that he had paid at least 14% of his income in Federal taxes over the last 20 years, to get those figures in line, he has had to file “amended” and increase his tax paid, by lowering his deduction on charitable donations, just as he has done for his recently released 2011 taxes.

This is information that the Romney camp does not want anyone to know, least of all the voting public. I mean, Can you blame Them. After injecting his foot into his mouth several times last week, I’ll bet he thought it was a safe bet to release this information, what with everyone focusing their attention on the secret cell phone video and his remarks about the 47% of us regular folks being leaches on the government dole.

Miscalculation on your part Governor.

And let’s not forget, Mr. Romney can still change his mind after the election and file amended for the tax year 2011, the one he just released, and pay his real tax rate of around 9+%. And if he loses, make bank on it, because Mitt will.

Again, Why did you cook the books Mitt?

After ducking and weaving like a prize fighter about your taxes mitt, half an answer just won’t do. All this information should have come out before the convention, that way the Republicans could have nominated someone with a chance of beating President Obama in the November election, the proper right wing candidate for President.

Somebody like Rick Santorum.

Watch the entire Politics Nation with Al Sharpton video from Friday 9/21 here.

Article by Jim Donahue

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