NHL decide to cancel entire preseason schedule

With the NHL lockout seeming as if it isn’t going away anytime soon the league decided to cancel the entire September preseason schedule several days ago. Today, the NHL has canceled the remaining preseason games for the 2012.

The NHL and NHLPA are scheduled to meet in New York Friday to discuss non-core economic issues marking the first time the two sides will hold a formal bargaining session since Sept. 12. With no indication that a new collective bargaining agreement is imminent, though, the NHL has canceled all remaining preseason games.

The 2012 preseason was slated to begin last night with the Montreal Canadians hosting the Ottawa Senators however hockey fans were robbed of that game and 59 more just like it over an eight day span.

As stated in a previous article the two sides are split on hockey related revenue as the owners want a 57% share of said revenue whereas the players don’t want to talk percentage and are speaking in terms of plain dollars and cents and are willing to accept nothing less than a guarantee of $1.8 billion.

The two sides are running out of time before October 11th and if they don’t make any kind of head way to coming to an agreement than the commissioner will probably begin to cancel regular season games within the next two weeks or so.

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