Rapper Lil Wayne Bigger than Elvis?

No one is taking the place of Elvis Presley as the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, however, Lil Wayne has snatched the beloved rocker’s longstanding record with the most Billboard Hot 100 hits. The rap superstar has topped the King himself, for charting the most Billboard Hot 100 hits for a solo artist, which gives him bragging rights to claim he’s bigger than Elvis Presley.

Per Billboard, the 30-year-old Wayne’s latest entry is the Game’s single, “Celebration,” in which he’s a featured artist along with Wiz Khalifa, Chris Brown and Tyga, which entered the chart at No. 82. With that milestone, “Tha Black Is Hot” MC now has 109 Hot 100 songs under his belt, surpassing Presley’s mark of 108 that began with the chart’s inception in 1958.

Out of those ditties, however, it’s worth noting that Lil Wayne has only been the lead artist on 42 tracks with the remainder coming in featured appearances, while to Elvis’ enduring credit, the “Jailhouse” rocker was the lead on every one of his 108 tunes that charted.

In addition to other titles, now the self-proclaimed “best rapper alive” can lay claim to a new mantle: Bigger than Elvis.
Also, several of the latter’s classic gems, including “Heartbreak Hotel,” “Hound Dog,” “Love Me Tender” and “All Shook Up” among others, topped the Billboard pop chart in the mid-’50s before the magazine hatched the Hot 100 in 1958, an all-in-one singles popularity standard that factored in radio airplay, retail sales and eventually digital sales and streaming activity.
The last Presley tune to crack the Hot 100 was “Rubberneckin,” used in a Paul Oakenfold remix that came in at No. 94 in 2003.
Lil Wayne has just one hit to reach No. 1 in which he’s the lead artist — “Lollipop,” though that fact doesn’t take away from his musical achievement.

Notably, Presley’s career, and some of his signature hits, like “Heartbreak Hotel,” “Don’t Be Cruel” and “Hound Dog,” predated the Hot 100. As Presley placed a hefty 31 titles on pre-Hot 100 Billboard airplay/sales/jukebox charts between just 1956 and summer 1958, according to Joel Whitburn’s “Top Pop Singles” reference book, he likely would’ve sent approximately that many more songs onto the Hot 100 had it existed when he arrived.

Presley’s Hot 100 span encompasses the chart’s Aug. 4, 1958, inception through Oct. 4, 2003 (45 years and two months), when “Rubberneckin’ ” ranked at No. 100 after peaking at No. 94. Lil Wayne has passed Presley’s total over 13 years and three months, having first appeared the week of July 10, 1999.

While making approximately two-thirds of his Hot 100 visits in featured roles, Lil Wayne has still enjoyed laudable Hot 100 accolades. He’s notched two No. 1s: 2008’s “Lollipop” and 2009’s “Down,” on which he assisted Jay Sean. Fifty-seven of his Hot 100 entries have reached the top 40 and 17, the top 10 (compared to Presley’s 80 and 25, respectively)

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