The NFL got it wrong

Had to Happen

By James Turnage:

For the last two days at least 25% of the news has been about the devastating call at the end of the Monday Night Football game. The fact that the entire football watching and reporting nation got it right, and the NFL got it wrong, might have had something to do with today’s event.

The regular referees are back. Interesting how quickly negotiations proceeded after hundreds of thousands of fans complained. It was unfortunate for the NFL commissioner that such a call happened on Monday night. There is no other game to watch, so everyone was witness to the horrible call.

I’m personally glad. I never criticized the replacement refs, only the calls. They were not trained in the NFL. They were given an impossible job. Now I can go back to cursing the “professional” referees, as I always do. They will continue to get at least 10% of the calls wrong, but at least they are trained and paid to do it.

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