Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks at United Nations General Assembly [Video]

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is addressing the United Nations General Assembly today as tensions between his country and Iran increase.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tells the United Nations General Assembly that Israel will defend itself.

Speaking Thursday afternoon, Netanyahu expresses concern for the preservation of life being disregarded in Arab lands.

Netanyahu argues that time is running out to stop Iran from potentially developing nuclear weapons. He laid out limits he thinks the international community should set for Iran to prevent it from becoming a nuclear power.

Netanyahu is demanding so-called red lines on nuclear development. The White House has rejected those proposals putting a strain on the relationship between the two close allies.

Iran insists its nuclear program is being developed for peaceful purposes. But Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad added to the tension on Wednesday when he spoke out against Israel at the General Assembly. He says, “Continued threat by the uncivilized Zionist to resort to military action against our great nation is a clear example of bitter reality.”

President Obama says the U.S. does not want Iran to have nuclear weapons, but is trying to hold off Israeli military action.

But Israeli leaders have suggested that the country could stage a military strike against Iran, even without U.S. approval.

According to media reports, Netanyahu will not be meeting with President Obama during this trip.

His remarks focused on militant Islam and their intolerance. Furthermore,┬áprime minister Netanyahu points to Iranian’s quest to produce a nuclear weapon.

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