Violent explosion in Turkish city of Tunceli producing heavy casualties

Violent explosion in Turkish city of Tunceli is being reported by Reuters. The attack was on military vehicle; at least 5 dead, security sources say – The explosion stormed through downtown of the eastern province of Tunceli on Tuesday evening producing heavy casualties, as many ambulances rushed to the scene of the blast.

A powerful explosion ravaged the provincial capital of Tunceli at around 6 p. m. No official comment have been made yet on state of casualties.

The security sources said an explosive was planted by the terrorist Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in a road in Atatürk district of the city. The explosive was detonated by remote control when a military vehicle passed nearby.

Injured soldiers were immediately taken to the Tunceli State Hospital. Sources said some of the injured soldiers died just after they were transferred to the hospital. However, there is no official statement over how many soldiers were killed or wounded yet.

The explosion caused a fire in the area and some of the cars in the scene were burned.

Security forces and police units were reportedly deployed in the area.

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