Who Does Romney Really Represent?

By James Turnage:

Romney’s speech at a fund raiser given by his supporters has to be appraised for the entire content. What he really said was ‘I don’t care about half of the country’. He is telling people just like me that he will not be representing my concerns.

We have always known that his primary support comes from the wealthy and greedy profiteers in our country. For example, two of his biggest supporters are the Koch brothers. If you don’t know what their agenda is, listen carefully to the falsehoods they expunge in their anti-Obama ads under the misleading name ‘Americans for Prosperity’.

Romney’s record in business, especially Bain Capital, demonstrates his complete lack of concern for the working man and woman. The ultimate proof that he will be representing the wealthiest of Americans are his openly stated policies. He wants to return our economy to the way it was in 2008 and the policies that got us there. That worked so well.

Also in this speech was a statement about Palestine and Israel. This is proof that he knows nothing about foreign policy, unless he’s talking about his money and its residence in off-shore banks.

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  1. nasa100   September 20, 2012 at 10:37 pm

    People who love America and yearn for the return to what our forefathers created

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