Candy Crowley Moderates Round 2 of the Obama–Romney Debate [Live Stream Video]

Live Stream Video Below

President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney are gearing up for round two of the debates. Tuesday the two presidential contenders will debate at New York’s Hofstra University. Their next showdown will be a “town hall” style debate.

CNN’s Candy Crowley will moderate. She’s the first woman to moderate a presidential debate in two decades, but this time around the questions will come from the audience.

Analysts said the “town hall” form could present challenges.

“Both candidates have to tread lightly, because if they are going on the offense too aggressively with each other that can spill over to the audience and make them look too combative,” said Brett O’Donnell.

You can catch the “town hall” style debate Tuesday night on The Guardian Express’ website

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