Death Toll Reaches 36 in Ferry Collision near Lamma Island Southwest of Hong Kong [Video]

More than 36 people were injured in a collision between a ferry and tug vessel off Hong Kong late Monday, police said.

Search and rescue operations recovered more than 100 other people who were involved in the accident near Lamma island, a police spokesman said.

More than 124 persons were involved in this accident, according to AFP.

Those that were rescued were rushed to the hospital, nine of them were seriously injuries, he added.

The accident involved a tugboat and a ferry, with 124 people aboard one of the vessels the city government said in a statement.

A major rescue operation for the missing passengers is continuing said police.

The ferry half-sank after the collision near Lamma island, which lies some three km southwest of Hong Kong island, and is popular with tourists and expatriates, BBC reported.

An official with a local power supply company, which rented the ferry for its staff for one-day outing, said 124 people were on the ferry.

Hong Kong Chief Executive CY Leung told reporters that relevant departments of the city government have made all-out efforts to rescue those who fell into the sea.

The accident occurred during a busy period for passenger travel in Hong Kong, at the end of a long holiday weekend to mark the mid-autumn festival that this year coincides with China’s National Day Oct 1.

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