Democratic Presidents Trounce Republicans Economically!

The three best Presidents for our economy have all been Democrats: FDR, Clinton and the eight years of JFK and LBJ. The three worst have all been Republicans: Hoover gave us the Great Depression, George W. Bush left us the Great Recession and the eight years of Nixon and Ford rounded out the three worst. And the Great Depression and the Great Recession both happened with not only a GOP President but also with the GOP controlling Congress!
From 1929 to 2009 there were 40 years each of both Democratic and Republican Presidents, so the years are balanced.

The Democratic advantages are huge:
• Stock Market growth under Democrats has been 16 times higher than under Republicans (9.60% vs. 0.58%).
• Gross Domestic Product (GDP) increased almost seven times more under Democratic Presidents (3.48% vs. 0.50%).
• Personal Disposable Income increased practically six times more under Democrats (2.92% vs. 0.53% per year).
• Corporate Profits grew 16% more annually under Democrats and they actually dropped significantly under Republicans (+4.53% vs. -11.65%)!
• Republican Presidents have accumulated 2.5 times more national debt! (Red Presidents create red ink.)
• Republican Presidents have presided over recessions three and a half times longer, 29% of their time vs. 8%.
(Ref.:Bulls, Bears and the Ballot Box. Deitrick, B and Goldfarb. L., 2012)

Democrats also Trounce Republicans on Jobs:
Clinton created 23 million jobs in 8 years, more than the 21 million Reagan, GHW Bush and GW Bush created together in 20 years or almost three times as many jobs/year.
Since JFK took office in 1961 Democrats created almost 2/3 of the private sector jobs, 42 million (average150,000/month) compared to only 24 million (average 71,000/month) Republican jobs and the Republicans had five extra years! Republicans did however create more government jobs: 7.1 million vs. 6.3 million, almost a million extra government jobs. And they have the nerve to sell us that they are the party of small government and private sector job creation.

The Big Lie: Republicans are better for the economy.
The Truth: Democrats dominate the economy!
Democrats create jobs and Republicans create debt!
Stephen H. Frye, M.D. © 2012 ©

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