Global Energy Consultants come to the Rescue of Struggling Businesses

Written By: Clive Jukes
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Global Energy Consultants come to the Rescue of Struggling Businesses

Global energy consultants are saving businesses thousands of pounds with the very latest energy saving technologies available, and for recession strapped businesses saving money and helping solve global energy problems is a double bonus.

Consultants are working with businesses right now to ensure they are using energy in line with the very latest directives coming out of the Brussels. Figures recently quoted by the British Broadcasting Corporation have said that in the UK energy consumption will outstrip production in the UK by 2015. European directives have made it clear that the solution does not lay in producing more power but better using the power we have.

Global energy consultants are a specialist energy consultancy firms, working closely with businesses implementing solutions that radically reduce the amount of energy businesses consume. Europe has made it clear, reduce consumption and if they knew how, most businesses would be glad to oblige but do not know where to start. Consultants work with businesses at a strategic and practical level offering real time solutions that can see staggering reductions in energy consumption, with less consumption come’s lower energy bills and with savings of up to 30% that is getting the attention of businesses.

Long gone are the days of turning the lights off when you leave being the primary energy strategy, although used with some effect, modern strategies using iSmart energy management systems can prove effective and with the right software can be producing up to 30% savings on energy bills not to be sneered at in times of austerity. This is just the beginning; lighting brings a whole new realm of fruitfulness with 90% energy savings being delivered from the very latest high powered LED lighting solutions. The possibilities are endless with voltage optimisation, solar PV, solar thermal to name a few.

With this being a global drive, governments are keen to back companies who are prepared to make the necessary changes with cash. There are numerous grants and financial incentives around to help businesses make the change and become more energy efficient. Global energy consultants are companies currently on the very cutting edge of these initiatives, and are working closely with businesses to not only help them save costs now, but also to help them save costs in the future.

European leaders have set targets to reduce energy consumption by 20% by 2020. Domestic and commercial energy users will all be asked to play their part of that there is no doubt, Global energy consultants can give businesses a substantial head start on any demands placed on businesses by the European Community.

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