The Amazing Charlie Chaplin

Written By: Hemant Gore
E-mail: [email protected]

“I love walking in the rain because, nobody can see me crying.”
– Charlie Chaplin

Such immortal words, what a fabulous artist, a great comedian who brought smiles to the faces of millions, but was sad and depressed from inside. Sometimes I wonder, are all clowns that way? Making people laugh is not easy, it requires an enormous amount of talent and spontaneity. Nowadays its all about funny dialogue delivery but this guy did not have those tools at that time. Or may be he did but he did not choose to use them; who knows. His movies were silent and his body language and expressions were all that he needed to make people laugh. I think that is a really special trait.

Did you know that there is a whole planet named after Charlie Chaplin? Such was the impact he had during the WWI and the great depression. His “The Kid” is one of my favorite movies. As a kid I used to watch almost all his shows on television. As I was going through and organizing my DVD collection I came across a movie of his, so I decided to watch if for a while and it was same as if I was watching it 20 years ago, simply timeless.

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