I was born for Hip-Hop and Hip-Hop was created for me

Written By: Raymayne Gray

The Accidental Hipster

Article: I am a product of the Hip-Hop generation. I was born the same year Hip-Hop had its first mainstream hit: 1978. The song in question (or statement) is“Rapper’s Delight”. Is that a coincidence? Not at all. I was born for Hip-Hop and Hip-Hop was created for me.

I am not the average Hip-Hop fan. My love of this particular genre of music is the reason I can explore other genres. I’m an M.C. who is getting a little long in the tooth to be writing rhymes, and recording “little rap songs”. Everything I do or see or hear, was meant to make me a better lyricist. I love new music. I can’t go a whole day without hearing something brand new. I love hearing new artists for the first time. I remember when I heard MGMT’s “Electric Feel”, I felt like they made that specifically for me.

There’s a new rap artist, Kendrick Lamar. Hip-Hop needs him right now. Sleigh Bells’ first album felt like the best Hip Hop album of 2010. (I’m sorry). It didn’t feel like Rock, (or even Punk). Rappers love those kinds of drums.

Some people deride Hip-Hop (or rap) because the rappers aren’t playing instruments, or doing any real singing. “They are just talking!” is usually what they say. Well, let me tell you from experience, it is hard to put a collection of syllabic, rhythmic statements together, while being able to keep up with the beat.

I’m what you call, “the accidental hipster”. Everything I like while underground and un-mainstream, becomes mainstream and iconic. It sucks. It’s like I can’t have anything for my own enjoyment. But, I’m also one of those dudes who is always trying to put my friends up on the most exclusive stuff, before it become household name-ish. What’s funny is that most of my friends “pretend” to NOT be interested in it at these stages.

I enjoy being cultured. I find that the more I know, the more I have to learn. My love for music has fueled my love of Film, T.V., Books, Magazines, News, and Current Events.

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    this is an article I wrote..I am Raymayne Gray…why is this on this page


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