If Romney’s lies and flip flopping on issues are not addressed we will have a hypocrite president

Romney being Romney

By James Turnage:

In the past, on a speech on FOX noise, Romney gave a speech swearing his allegiance to the “pro-life” movement, claiming that if he were president he would assure that “Roe vs. Wade” be reversed.

Now, in a shameless effort to win the presidency, he said he had no plans to change abortion law.

What is more frightening to me is that he is tied with Obama regarding the support of women!

How can this be? This party that claims to be the GOP is the most misogynist in the history of the United States. Every major political figure on the right believes that women are third class citizens. The pecking order is men, first, fetus, second, and women third.

If Romney’s lies and flip flopping on the issues are not addressed by the Democratic Party and the voting public, we will have a hypocrite as our president. Frankly, it scares the ‘you know what’ out of me.

Romney is good at slogans and claims of what he will do if he is elected, but we still have heard no substance from the man. He often makes statements about what he would do if he is elected, and they are either empty claims or policies already put in place by our President. He has no original ideas, no goals for the future of our country.

I want our president to be at the least one of the most intelligent men in America with a plan to restore our country’s once great position. I don’t need or want another republican who will destroy our economy and rush us into another war. That is all I hear and see from the “Mittster”.

James Turnage

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