Will Henderson City Council Be a Three Way Race?

Will Henderson City Council Be a Three Way Race?

By Erin Lale

Henderson, NV–Today another candidate for Henderson City Council Ward 3 announced his candidacy, joining small business person and arts community volunteer Erin Lale and waffling insider appointee John Marz. Sean Fellows was quoted in the Jane Ann Morrison column in the Las Vegas Review-Journal stating he is running and that he was shocked that John Marz would consider going back on his promise not to run. Morrison’s commentary was titled “First he says he won’t run, now he says he might… do I smell hypocrisy?” and referred to Marz having gotten his appointment to his job by promising not to run as the incumbent in 2013.

Marz was one of 14 applicants for the appointment to fill the seat vacated by Kathleen Vermillion, also known as Kathleen Boutin, after the City Council voted not to have a special election to fill the open seat. Lale and Fellows both applied. Lale says, “I was as shocked as everyone else when Marz announced he was thinking about running as the incumbent, after making an impassioned speech about how unfair it would be to run as the incumbent because of how much of an advantage incumbents have. I’m also surprised to read that Fellows is running. In the Dec. 15, 2011 edition of the Henderson Press, Kathleen Vermillion endorsed Sean Fellows to be her replacement. Being endorsed by Vermillion, who has been the center of scandal in the news, is the kiss of death to a political campaign. I don’t think he can win.”

Marz has endorsements, too. The Morrison column cites many political insiders, including Key Reid, son of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, whose other son Josh Reid was recently appointed City Attorney by the Henderson City Council.

Lale also has endorsements. Despite having spent a lot of her time this year caring for her mother, who was temporarily disabled but has now largely recovered, she made time for volunteer work and won the endorsements of Liberty Candidates and the Ron Paul Nevada 2012 Team. She was the founding Chairman of City Lights Artists’ Co-op and draws much of her support from the arts community, as well as faith community and historical societies. Lale says, “Professional artists are small business people and have many of the same concerns about the economy as other small business people. I want to help grow the local economy and create local jobs by encouraging startups, which is the engine of job creation. My plan is to have a total tax and license fee holiday for all new startup businesses in their first 3 years. Also I hope to repeat the success I had with City Lights in transforming empty commercial properties into thriving shopping districts. Locally, right now there is a high rate of commercial vacancy. City Lights Gallery helped revitalize Water Street and I hope to do the same for other areas of town.”

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