Lark Voorhies an Example of More Than Beauty Fading

Lark Voorhies was a knock down gorgeous caramel beauty in the early 90s when she appeared as “Lisa Turtle” on the popular teen sitcom “Saved by the Bell.” Today the former child star not only exhibits a strikingly different appearance but she also appears to be a different person altogether. The 38-year-old Voorhies has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, according to her mother. From all accounts Voorhies looks to be an example of more than beauty fading.

The former teen beauty shocked the world recently when she appeared in a short video about life after the show, further proving that beauty fades with time.

Lark has largely shied away from the spotlight following her tenure on “Saved by the Bell,” which wrapped in 1993, unlike her co-stars.

Her mother claims that the reason behind her laying low and recent bizarre behavior is mental illness.
Tricia told this week’s issue of People Magazine: “There are things that have traumatized her. I care deeply about my daughter and I want her to resume her life.”

The 64-year-old shares a home with her daughter, who found fame aged 15, in Pasadena, California.
But it seems Lark is not willing to face up to her condition.

According to Lark, nothing could be further from the truth, saying such concerns are simply the result of having an “over-loving” mom.

After an interview with “People” in which the former star mumbled, gave a series of incoherent statements and appeared to stare off into space there seemed to be no doubt in anyone’s mind at “People” that something was seriously wrong.

When asked by the magazine if she is suffering from any chronic condition including bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, she responded: “Oh no. We’re alive in a major time of all-in-all prophecy.”

She told “People” that while she’s not making headlines like some of her fellow “Saved by the Bell” alums like Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley, she’s doing just fine, earning a living acting in low-budget movies, recording music and self-publishing her own books.
As for that allegedly bizarre behavior, she added: “I have a strong spiritual sense. You caught me in moments of pray [sic].”

The Jehovah’s Witness also said her long lapses of silence during conversations were merely moments in which she is praying, and added: “I have a strong spiritual sense.”

Lark’s mother explained how the end of the actress’ four year marriage to Miguel Coleman “caused a kind of break” for her daughter.

However Tricia added: “She feels whatever challenges he has, she can handle herself.”
Tricia described the blinkered life Lark is now living.

She shares a place with her mother, has a few friends, drives only close to home and largely works on personal projects.

But Tricia reflected on a time when her actress daughter’s future seemed a lot brighter.
She said: “When Lark got on the stage a whole different side of her came alive.”

While grandiose speech and delusional behavior are signs of severe bipolar disorder, Lark appears to be set in her ways when it comes to avoiding seeking psychiatric help.

The star offered: “They don’t explain it. They can’t treat it. They don’t know about it.”

But Tricia hopes one day things will get better for her only child. She said: “She’s trying so hard. She says she’s delayed, but she’s going to get there.”

Lark’s rep could not be reached for comment.