Social networking: an era of technological advancement where everyone is so connected

Life in these (Technologically Connected) United States

By Dawn Cranfield

I have always been somebody who values conversation and togetherness above most things in life. When I was a child in school, the only thing I had only been reprimanded for was for talking in class, incessantly. My gift of gab helped me to ease the tensions of constantly being the new kid in class when my family moved to town after town, state after state, and I found myself attending 15 different schools before graduation.

So, in this era of technological advancement where everyone is so connected to each other, I have to ask, why does it seem like there is more of a disconnect than ever before?

I do not have Facebook, Twitter, or any other type of account where I can look up old high school friends or co-workers. I am unable to count my “friends” by sitting in the living room at my laptop and looking at an icon, or with my cell phone in Starbucks will sipping a latte by myself. If I want to know my friends, I have to think about who is sitting across from me, or who I am talking with on the phone, but maybe I am a dinosaur in world of evolutionary chimpanzees.

It does feel strange to even comment on this subject at this point since I have just recently delved into this strange new world of social networking.

I have recently started a blog, as proven by this post, if nothing else, and a few months ago, I joined an online community to reach out to other people who might be similar to me. However, I participate when I have no chance of human contact, because I would trade for that in a minute.

Last week I was watching Anderson Cooper Live and saw a story that I felt to be one of the saddest commentaries on life as we know it today in these United States. Some such survey company had done a survey regarding people and their social media accounts versus their sex lives. The results were somewhat that there are overwhelming statistics proving that people would rather check their Twitter and Facebook status than to have sex with their partner. I was shocked and frankly, disappointed. Have we really progressed, or dare I say regressed, that far?

How would you answer the survey question? Would you rather check your Facebook/Twitter status, or have sex with your partner?

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