Salt Lake Tribune endorsed President Obama instead of their favorite son, Mitt Romney

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By James Turnage:

Today the Salt Lake Tribune, Utah’s largest newspaper, endorsed President Obama instead of their favorite son, Mitt Romney. They said that the man who saved the 2002 Winter Olympics has drifted too far to the extreme right, and no longer fits into their values. The state’s six electoral votes will still go to Romney, it is a very “red” state.

But it tells you something. Romney real position on the issues versus what he says in front of the television cameras is more along the lines of his running mate than those of centrist republicans who he claims to represent. If his son wants to “punch me out” for saying, let the little wimp try. He is a liar and a “flip-flopper”. He will tell us anything, anything that might get him elected. He doesn’t care about you or me, he simply wants to be president.

Think about all the bad movies you’ve seen where the corporation executive has all the money he could ever want, but seeks ultimate power, the aphrodisiac beyond all others. This is Romney in a nutshell. He has made himself a rich man while those who worked for his companies suffered. But that’s not enough. He wants that ultimate thrill, that ultimate orgasm, the ultimate position of power.

Someone who has never been in a position that forced them to struggle daily for their very existence knows nothing about those who have been forced to do that very difficult task. I want a great man to be my President. None of that sentence fits the “Mittster”.

2 Responses to "Salt Lake Tribune endorsed President Obama instead of their favorite son, Mitt Romney"

  1. Deoliver47   October 21, 2012 at 12:18 pm

    Sorry you are sorry, but Romney is a sorry candidate, and would make the US and the world even sorrier, if elected. Ask anyone who lived in any of his multiple home states.

  2. nasa100   October 20, 2012 at 10:59 pm

    Sorry to hear that!


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