Mass Shooting with mounting casualties outside Azana Day Spa, 7 People Rushed Hospitals

BROOKFIELD –Brookfield Square mall is on lockdown after what appears to have been a shooting at the Azana Day Spa across the street from the mall. Authorities are calling it a mass shooting with mounting casualties outside Azana Day Spa, 7 people rushed to nearby hospitals and the scene is not secure as of yet.

We’ve learned that police have told Fox News the shooting happened around 11 a.m.

Investigators say the area near the mall and the spa is an active shooting scene.

Guardian media partners at the Brookfield Patch have reported the suspect is described as a black man who is 6’1″ tall, weighing 270 pounds. The man is reportedly bald with brown eyes. Police say he was seen driving a 2003 black Mazda.

Initial reports indicate there were multiple shooting victims. Froedtert Hospital has confirmed that four victims have arrived at the hospital, and they are expecting three additional victims. Froedtert has said they are aware of no other hospitals receiving patients.

We’re told none of the four victims that have arrived at Froedtert are in critical condition, though the extent of their injuries is unknown at this time. The age and gender of the victims is also unknown at this time — as is whether there were any fatalities at the scene.

At least one Flight for Life ambulance is at the scene.

There are multiple police agencies on the scene — and a bomb sweep of the building in question is now underway.
A perimeter has been established — extending to the BP gas station in the area.

Hospitals nearby have been put on alert.

We’re told the FBI is now getting involved

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