Mitt Romney receives death threats: Is this what passes for Civility among Obama supporters?

This is what passes for Civility among Obama supporters??

I’m going to show you a small list of actual Tweets collected by Twitchy, posted during and just after this Tuesday’s 2nd Presidential debate.
I’m leaving the Twitter accounts posted, should you want to follow any of these fine, upstanding citizens. I also want you to look for any mention of this in the Major Media; ABC, MSNBC, CBS, CNN, New York Times… Not a peep.

Can you imagine the typhoon of scathing reports, calls for Federal Prosecutions and naked hatred which would surround anything even close to this, had the Tweets been from Tea Partiers threatening to kill Obama? And not just from the Media; Democrat Politicians across the country would be convening hearings, forming investigative committees and launching witch-hunts. Public Trials would be televised, starting this week.

I know that there are a great many decent Americans out there who are going to vote Democrat. I encourage, support and celebrate the fact we live in a society which actively encourages open discussion and debate. I work with, party with, eat with and even go to church with, a number of Democrats. And I count myself blessed to know them as friends; good people who care enough to discuss the issues and Vote, are the kind of folks I like to associate with. No matter what side of the isle they sit on.

So, I’m going to ask my Democrat friends, as they often ask me, to take a very close look at the kinds of behavior their party, and the news media which supports it, condones and covers up.

Please note that I have NOT edited these posts for content, so the language is going to be a little Salty, to say the least.

If Romney win this election, he might as well wear a shirt that says “Assassinate Me Bitch”
16 Oct 12
Yall ready to assasinate romney ?—
Paper Habits ✈ (@LoudJet_Life) October 17, 2012
16 Oct 12
Romney make me wanna hop through the tv & just assasinate his ass .—
Alyece Johnson (@alyy_joee) October 17, 2012
16 Oct 12
I’m gonna murder Romney right now—
Weston Sebree (@WestonSebree) October 17, 2012
16 Oct 12
Somebody needs to asassinate This mofo Romney—
Brendell (@iBeBlowinUrMind) October 17, 2012
16 Oct 12
goodnight yall .. cause im getting ready to murder romney !—
intangiblebeauty (@AllHaleDeja_) October 17, 2012
16 Oct 12
#¢reamteam4sho™ @4shogbmg
I aint gone lie… Food stamps the shit! I mite assasinate romney my damn self if he get elected ! I fuxx wit free 99 on the eats
16 Oct 12
IG: judith_bossinx3 (@judithBossinx3) October 17, 2012
16 Oct 12
If Romney is elected, I’m going to assassinate him #sniperstyle—
Erin (@erinheaven) October 17, 2012
16 Oct 12
If Romney win , a nigga gone murder ass .. smh—
Blake Griffin Yo Hoe (@DamnGurlYuNasty) October 17, 2012
16 Oct 12
[email protected]¢[email protected]!t3$ @WishaNiggaW00dz
Fck Romney.!.. soon as he break out the whips and chains…the mf murder rate goin up…caus ill b damned the bitch have me on my knees
16 Oct 12
if romney’s elected as president, I will personally assassinate him.—
Rihanna Taught Me (@breeziedeeznuts) October 17, 2012
16 Oct 12
If Mitt Romney wins, which I doubt, someone should assassinate him before he ruins the lives of our generation & our children.—
The Black Goddess (@RitzyWavyTee) October 17, 2012
16 Oct 12
Someone assassinate Romney. Just murk the fuck out of him—
Homocidal Thoughts (@LosHomocidio) October 17, 2012
16 Oct 12
Romney ole dumbasz! If he become president sumbody shud assasinate his ass soon as they say he won lol rs—
Chanel (@Im_So_Sinqleee) October 17, 2012
16 Oct 12
“@kyraaa_simonee: @BriLynSakk i will end the world before i let that man become president” I will end his life before I let him be president—
Ʈ∦≡ $∀ƘƘ≡$Ʈ∀Ɖ ⚓ (@BriLynSakk) October 17, 2012
16 Oct 12
I’m gona murder romney—
Cynthia (@KushInvader) October 17, 2012
16 Oct 12
If Romney win, IM GOING TO JAIL FOR MURDER cuz imma whack his bitch ass ASAP—
Birthday Oct 20th (@AKOOjunky) October 17, 2012
16 Oct 12
Somebody gotta assassinate romney ass so he dnt try again after obama 2nd term or we doomed—
CEDDYB (@ItsCeddyB) October 17, 2012
16 Oct 12
Somebody should assassinate Romney…
16 Oct 12
❤ @_KingKiera
I’m down RT @JasminBadd: I hate Romney’s voice ., somebody assassinate him now pls
16 Oct 12
I would bail anyone out if they was just to murder romney right now .—
`Bri Mack ♥  (@_OVO_Libra) October 17, 2012
16 Oct 12
I think if Mitt Romney wins, Obama gon go undercover and get boosie freed then put a murder shot out on Romney.—
P.O.; Dre_FuccEmUp (@Shakira_Jewel) October 17, 2012
16 Oct 12
At this point in time I am completely prepared to MURDER ROMNEY MYSELF!—
Jasmine:^} (@Jasmineuribe) October 17, 2012
16 Oct 12
No birth control???? Lol rlly Romney the american population is going to overflow and then we’ll have to resort to murder and you’ll be #1—
Emma Rizzuto ☀ (@emma_rizzuto) October 17, 2012
16 Oct 12
Ill assasinate Romney for a sticker. One with a thumbs up.—
Fogul \m/ ® (@AyeYoZeus) October 17, 2012
16 Oct 12
Mitt Romney , gone make me assasinate his real uglass . he done pissed me all the way OFF !!—
______ is MY NAME ? (@Xx_TrueBeauty) October 17, 2012
16 Oct 12
Papa Bear @ThtBrownNigga
“@MYgorgeousBANDS: if romney gett elected somebody gone assassinate his ass…………………” Only if we lucky
16 Oct 12
✈✈ Kεv ✈✈ @BigAssNig
Lmfao “@JetHeadxCeeJay: If romney get elected i hope a nigga assasinate his bitchass”

The Major Media’s is failing to do its job. Do they just not care about death threats against Romney, or are they simply afraid of being “racist” in their coverage of the news. These death threats don’t really jive with their narrative that only Tea Party types speak in terms of violence (which there is still no tangible evidence to support).

Yes, the Secret Service has been made aware of these and all the other posts advocating for the death of a Presidential Candidate. I can only assume that the individuals are being asked some VERY pointed questions by large, armed men who are not given to humor or equivocation.

So, my Democrat friends. Are THESE the kinds of people you like standing with, come election day?

3 Responses to "Mitt Romney receives death threats: Is this what passes for Civility among Obama supporters?"

  1. Misty   November 6, 2012 at 3:03 am

    While I do not like any posts or actions threatening the lives of our political leaders ( and candidates ), let’s be honest … these types of threats are flying out from both sides. So, actually the question you ask of Democratics only in this article should also be asked of Republicians. As this story only talks about 1 night of threats against Romney … I would love to see an article detailing all the threats( written, spoken, and verbally spoken behind claims of art ) made against President Obama for the last 4 years. Nevertheless, this type of action should not be tolerated from anyone!

    • Benjamin Gaul   November 6, 2012 at 6:09 am

      You’ve raised an excellent point, Misty. Thanks for bringing it up.

      I Googled “Death threats against Obama” in an effort to find where he may have received such. Of the 11 options offered on page one of that search, 5 of the posts were about the massive “serial” threats this article listed, with no mentions of arrests.

      Four were about individual death threats against the President on twitter which lead to arrests, 1 was a Wiki article and 1 was a threat against Michelle.

      That doesn’t even come close to equaling the threats against Romney, and is a faint whisper of the collection of death threats leveled against G.W. Bush.

  2. Carl   October 23, 2012 at 9:41 am

    You obviously need more time, much more time to look into all of these well thought out threats towards mitt Romney and make sure nothing bad comes from them.


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