Mr. Obama environmental position is much better than Romney’s

He’s Right, You Know

By James Turnage:

President Obama has talked a lot about solar and wind energy. I’ve seen it work beautifully. It’s not feasible in every state, but both would work well in Nevada.

If you’ve lived for a full year in northern Nevada, you know about the wind. And with the statistical data about our number of mostly sunny days, solar is a given.

I was watching the local news a couple of nights ago. A female field reporter was doing a “piece” on solar energy. After her interviews were finished, she made the statement that it wouldn’t work well enough in our area. The problem with her statement was who she interviewed. She was talking to executives for Chevron Oil, who apparently built a solar facility and claimed it was inadequate.

Another case of bad reporting by our local networks here in the Reno area.

The truth of it all is that it’s extremely effective. I personally know a house to the south of me that has an array of solar panels. These panels produce enough energy that they actually sell some to N.V. Energy. If you’ve ever been to Palm Springs, you’ve seen windmill farms that have been very effective for years. When I was living in north county San Diego in 1978, I was visiting a friend. As he was giving me a tour, I asked him what the black things on his roof were. He told me they were solar collectors, designed to heat water flowing through them. He said that their pool and hot water were using the system. They never paid for heating their water.

There is a casino here in Reno that has converted its entire system away from using the gas and electric company, N.V. Energy. Our city government is using solar panels in areas whenever possible.

Fossil fuels will run out someday, there is no question about it. And without the oil companies building more refineries, the cost will continue to rise. Republicans have close friends in the oil and coal companies. Need I say more?

Mr. Obama is right. I listened to Ted Turner on “CBS This Morning” today. When he was asked who he would vote for, he said “the President”. His reasons were many, feeling he has done a good job for what he inherited. And he also said he thought his environmental position is much better than Romney’s. I think he’s probably right.

2 Responses to "Mr. Obama environmental position is much better than Romney’s"

  1. nasa100   October 20, 2012 at 11:12 pm

    Too bad that is all he has going for him. Our country has more imortant needs than the solar power deals that Obama is addicted to. We cant afford to pay for solar power companies to use our millions of dollars, which we the people are paying, only to see them go out of business.

  2. iSocialTiger (@iSocialTiger)   October 19, 2012 at 12:12 am

    This is all very nice sounding, James. But it doesn’t…
    A: Explain how Obama’s policies are “better” than Romney’s.
    B: Explain how cloudy days create solar power, or calm days create wind power.
    C: Explain why Hydrocarbon based fuels will EVER “run out.”
    D: Account for the sheer volume of land that would be necessary (think Afghanistan’s total area) in solar panels necessary to replace Coal as our primary electricity generating source.
    E: Tell me when solar powered Airliners will be available in 777 size.

    I have at least a hundred more questions, but are you aware of the dire ~if unintended~ consequences to the Environment, which Environmentalism has brought about?


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