Nevada Congressional Candidate Denied Voting.

Candidate for Congress in District 1 has vote stolen

Las Vegas, NV–Stan Vaughan, a candidate for Congress in District 1, went to his designated voting site at the Albertsons store on Flamingo and Durango this Sunday to cast his vote in the 2012, Las Vegas, Nevada’s general election. Vaughan was given 3 tries to vote, but the machine denied him access, indicating his entry was invalid.

Officials at the voting location surprised the congressional candidate when they informed him that he had already voted. Shocked by what they were telling him, Vaughan proceeded to proved who he was, but it was to no avail, as Clark County election staff refused to correct the error.

When Vaughan insisted he’d be allowed to exercise his constitutional right to cast a ballot for the 2012 election, officials continued to deny his request.

Finally, after Stan Vaughan threatened to call the authorities, a staff member called Larry Lomax, the Clark County Registrar of voters.

Eventually, Vaughan was allowed to cast a provisional ballot, however, County election employees warned the candidate that the vote would probably not count.

How could this happen? How many times does this happen? asked a puzzled Tom Jones; Chairman of the Independent American Party.

A close associate and friend of Stan Vaughan told the “Guardian Express” that “the incident is exactly why voter ID is necessary. It is important to prevent any type of vote fraud. In this information age, it would be easy to implement a system of voter id and registration that would eliminate any type of voter fraud.”

According to sources close to “Guardian Express,” Vaughan is outraged over the theft of his identity and vote.

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  1. Voter   October 22, 2012 at 3:25 pm

    This demonstrates how loose are voting procedures are. We need voter ID to prevent things like this.


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