Romney, has no substance, no morals, and no ethical value

He’s Proven He’s Good At One Thing

By James Turnage:

Romney’s latest ad is mostly the crap we’ve been hearing for months. But there is one blatant lie that offends my intelligence.

I was a manager in the Reno office for the 2010 Census. It was an important job, as it is every 10 years. The information we gathered was mandated by a Constitutional amendment in 1790, but is just as necessary today as it was in the beginning of our Nation.

Mr. Romney claims that the income for middle class Americans has decreased by over 4000 dollars a year during the last four years. He is quoting census results that showed this decrease happened between 2000 and 2010. So, the fact is that his brother by another mother, “W”, began the decline of the middle class, just as it has happened every time a republican administration is in power.

And his claim that he will create jobs still tells me squat. I have said it before, but where are these jobs coming from. He and his rich friends have farmed out most of our best jobs to other countries. Just ask former employees associated with Bain Capital.

We cannot elect a man who has no substance, who has no morals and ethical value. Mr. Obama has shown that he cares about me, and those like me who are on the lower income side of the scale. Romney has told us and shown us that he doesn’t.

My biggest problem is with blatant lies. I’m not claiming that the President won’t push the envelope in his ads, he is fighting back. I don’t like 90% of what has happened in this election. But to look me in the eye and tell me a lie I know for a fact is a lie, I can’t trust anyone who would do that. Romney is no better than Palin, Bachmann, Perry, Gingrich, Santorum and Trump. They all lie to us all the time, and are proud of it. They follow the philosophy of FOX noise, if you keep saying the same thing over and over, people will believe anything.

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  1. nasa100   October 15, 2012 at 9:29 pm

    Romney has better morals than any politician I have ever read about or watched on TV. And I dont know why the press constantly covers up for Obama by not reporting his blatant lies. Enough is enough. I want $1.84 gas back and an end to job losses or people’s jobs being downgraded to part time with pay per hour loss.

  2. Brian Maple   October 15, 2012 at 1:22 am

    This article is right on. We all have to be standing up for what is right and the President and the Vice President are the ones who understand this. Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan have, at this point, displayed such hypocrisy – and, such a mishandling of the truth, that I fear them both profoundly negative examples for all Americans. Democrats and Republicans need to be able to live peacefully and work together – but we can’t do that with politicians like them trying to play both sides, working the system, and lying in hope of getting as many votes as they can. It’s really disheartening. Romney refusing to disclose his taxes was the beginning (his father disclosed 12 and said it should be required of all President-hopefuls), the stimulus funds with Ryan are also a perfect example. Another is in the debate when Ryan admitted to the “two” letters he wrote the Vice President from Wisconsin, only after being called out on it. There were actually four (and are available online for anyone to read under the Freedom of Information Act). Or, how could we forget the 47% comments? He has “apologized”. He also needs those votes. I think Americans are smart and will connect the dots there. How about the moderator in the Vice President debate who, kindly, offered Ryan the chance to clear up all the confusion over the Romney “tax plan” – and he refused. Fatal error. Taxes are, essentially, what politicians plan to do with our hard earned money and that is, obviously, serious business for any citizen. So, for him to not be able to elaborate at all on any specifics; to refuse to offer any details on what, exactly, their plan was – well, it is more than just not okay – it is dangerous. And I don’t think that we need to go into the fact that he actually voted, on record, *against American women being able to be paid at the same rate as men for doing the same work. That is just not American. It never was and it never will be. We have come way too far to turn back now and too many people have worked far too hard for us all to have the rights that we have today. We are moving forward.

    • GM   October 15, 2012 at 2:43 pm

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