Sam Lutfi vs. Britney Spears trial not expected to reveal salacious details

Written By D. Chandler


Britney Spears’ legal battle with her alleged former manager Sam Lutfi has dragged along for more than three years. Lutfi, filed a lawsuit against the pop star, her mom, Lynn Spears, and her father, Jamie Spears accusing them of breach of contract, slander and assault. Typically, Civil lawsuits can take several years before they go to trial and in many cases, disputes are settled before proceeding to a hearing or deliberations. Though Lutfi’s counsel attempted to reach a settlement agreement before going to trial, several news agencies and tabloids reported that Sam actually preferred to have his side of the story come out in court. Radar online reported that the former manager understood his name would be dragged through the mud by the other side. Nevertheless, his biggest bone of contention was how Lynn Spears’ portrayed him in her, 2008 book, “Through the Storm,” which specifically “discussed Lutfi’s role in Britney’s life leading up to her very public meltdown.” According to Radar, any resolution in the case will come down to money and it would take a significant amount of money for Sam to settle. In the years since Lutfi filed his lawsuit, much of the details surrounding the dispute have been clouded by rumors and numerous back and forth accusations between plaintiff and defendant. Though the Lutfi vs. Spears trial is not expected to reveal salacious details about Britney that have not already been made public, a clarification of events triggering the dispute should be helpful to those following the case, which began Thursday, October 18, 2012.

It is not all that clear as to when Osama Lutfi, Sam’s legal name listed on court documents, met Britney Spears. Joseph Schleimer, Lutfi’s attorney gave an account of their alleged first meeting, pointing out that Sam met Spears “after she had finished a stint in rehab in 2007, fired her old managers and distanced herself from her parents. According to Schleimer, the star met Lutfi at a nightclub. An August 2009, an Associated Press report noted that in the restraining filed against Lutfi, Lynne Spears says her daughter met the former manager in October 2007. And HLNTV.COM cited that the lawsuit filed against Spears and her parents states: “From October 2007 through February 2008, under Lutfi’s management and guidance, Britney began turning her life and career around.”

So it’s fair to say that Lutfi met Spears in October 2007 and almost immediately filled the vacuum that resulted after Spears had fired her old managers.

Now it’s from Lutfi’s attorney’s opening statement that we’re told Spears had fired her old managers, however back in 2007, “” revealed on their website, that Spears’ manager quit; issuing a statement, which read: “It saddens us to confirm media reports that we have terminated our professional relationship with Britney Spears,” her management company The Firm said in the statement. “We believe Britney is enormously talented, and has made a terrific record. But current circumstances have prevented us from properly doing our job. We wish Britney the best.” “” also reported that Laura Wasser had already stepped down as Spears’ attorney in her custody battle with Kevin Federline.

When you take a careful look back at Spears’ career from 2006 through 2007, it doesn’t appear that the pop star fired any of the people she needed to help run her career. In fact, the evidence suggests, she didn’t need to fire them because they were jumping ship as though they were aboard the Titanic. Dec. 23, 2006, reported;

Prelude to a “Toxic” meltdown

“Spears is dealing with the departure of yet another publicist in the span of only three months.”

At last, reports suggests that Spears did end up firing personal manager Larry Rudolph, but technically the singer had never formally hired him a second time. You see, Rudolph had actually been Spears manager since 1999 before she first fired him in October of 2004. Mail online reported that Rudolph, who had been guiding her career since she was 13, insisted she sign a pre-nup before she tied the knot with Federline. The “Oop I did It Again” star sacked her manager instead.

Nevertheless, on the Monday that Spears filed for divorce from Federline, reported that she joined Rudolph for an evening ice-skating session at Manhattan’s Rockefeller Center. From November 7, 2006 to April 18, 2007, once more, Rudolph assumed the role of personally managing Britney’s affairs. And why not, it should be quite clear by now that while Federline was in the picture, having a personal manager around would never quite fit a marriage arrangement. But with Spears man-less, having filed for divorce, Rudolph’s responsibilities were quite clear. Little did he know, the “Toxic” singer was heading for rock bottom.

Part II coming at you late Friday night, October 19, 2012. Don’t miss it.

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